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Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Your reliable partner in Saudi Arabia.

Operators who earn their money in long distance transportation need absolute reliability. In other words: trucks they can trust. With the All-New Actros and Arocs, we are able to offer you a vehicle incorporating the experience and expertise acquired over more than 120 years of German engineering. Equipped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest conditions. This applies to engines, gearshifts, transmissions and drive axles as well as frames, chassis, suspension and cabs. Everything is perfectly coordinated, in order to meet all requirements reliably, even in extreme conditions.

New Actros

  • The cabs of the Actros impress with their distinctive design, robustness and safety. With a total of 22 cab variants available from 2.3 m S-Cab with engine tunnel to 2.5 m L-Cab with level floor - the new cabs meet all the requirements encountered in on-road and mixed road transport.
  • The Actros also meets the highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on its particularly low fuel consumption.
  • Low wear and a higher resale value are additional merits contributing to its high overall efficiency.
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  • A durable powertrain delivers precisely the power you need in off-road transportation, construction site or extreme terrain.
  • The Arocs was built with an increased ground clearance with high angles of approach to ensure optimized agility even in challenging road conditions.
  • From platform vehicle and concrete mixer to heavy-duty tipper, the road and all-wheel-drive variants of the Arocs offer a particularly tough and robust vehicle to meet any challenge in construction and off-road transportation.
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  • The Zetros is the superior truck concept combining large-scale production components with a tailor-made vehicle design following the demand and history of Mercedes-Benz bonnet-type trucks.
  • Powerful engines, future-proof technology and a vehicle concept offering easy access for maintenance and service, make the Zetros the perfect fit for a huge range of operations.
  • The Zetros is perfectly equipped for operations on the most challenging terrain - even under the most extreme conditions.
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  • Strikingly dynamic, incomparably strong and absolutely reliable. That's the Unimog concept.
  • The Unimog transports crews, material and heavy equipment to any remote work location.
  • The outstanding off-road design can cope with any challenge, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology.
  • The Unimog is a vehicle and tool in one. A work machine for challenging jobs, expeditions or disaster intervention.
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  • With its great versatility, practicality and robustness, the Atego perfectly fits to the diverse demands in cargo transport.
  • The Atego powertrain with large gear-spread ensures excellent performance as well as a high flexibility regarding various applications.
  • Thanks to the standard ABS brake system and a powerful engine brake, braking performance and the safety level is enhanced.
  • The set-up of the Atego provides a seamless integration between all components, combining high performance, excellent load capacity, low operation cost and easy maintenance.
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  • The Accelo feels perfectly at home in urban traffic situations, serving as the ideal robust and agile distribution truck.
  • Thanks to its strong, reliable and fuel-efficient powertrain, the Accelo can accomplish every task with strength, durability and reliability.
  • The full air dual circuit braking system with disc brakes as well as further safety systems raise the safety level of the Accelo in busy traffic situations.
  • Productivity is the keyword for the Accelo, the multi-functional truck with high load capacities, which supports you in various different industry segments.
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