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Combining power, robustness and efficiency in a unique way, the Arocs continues the 120-year old tradition of Mercedes-Benz construction industry vehicles while bringing them into the future with innovative technology. Designed to provide a reliable, high-torque drive configuration to suit the construction industry down to the ground, the Arocs offers a number of frame and suspension configurations developed to excel both on- and off-road. A robust design is not all the Arocs provides. Efficiency in operation – through high payloads, outstanding reliability and low running cost – is key to making the Arocs economical use every day. Add to this mix a range of configurations and options to meet the needs of every operator in Saudi Arabia, and you have an enviable package. In short: the Arocs can deliver everything that working life demands of it.

Why Arocs?

  • e Arocs powerfully masters every driving situation, equipped with a robust and high-torque engine, Mercedes PowerShift 3 and a new unique suspension and frame design, all as standard.
  • A durable powertrain delivers precisely the power you need in off-road transportation, construction site or extreme terrain.
  • The Arocs was built with an increased ground clearance with high angles of approach to ensure optimized agility even in challenging road conditions.
  • From platform vehicle and concrete mixer to heavy-duty tipper, the road and all-wheel-drive variants of the Arocs offer a particularly tough and robust vehicle to meet any challenge in construction and off-road transportation.
  • The Arocs provides outstanding fuel-efficiency thanks to the new in-line 6-cylinder engines available in Euro III and  Euro IV/V configurations

Reliable in every aspect.

The Arocs meets every aspect of reliability in terms of technical features, production and testing. The drivetrain development and production are 100 percent made by Mercedes-Benz, ensuring everything meets the highest Mercedes-Benz standards. Thanks to vehicle-specific test programs enduring global testing with simulation real-life situations were completed. Extensive testing with more than 40 Mio. kilometers rough road, more than 6 Mio. kilometers regional testing in Abu Dhabi and more than 23 Mio. kilometers testing the durability, ensure that the Arocs is your reliable partner on and off the road.

Drive more efficiently, build more efficiently.

Experience the pure power of the Arocs: with high engine output and optimal power transmission. Thanks to its innovative drive system, it deals with any terrain with ease, even in the most demanding conditions.

Hard shell, hard core. Robustness redefined.

The different drive variants of the Arocs offer an optimum, particularly robust and resilient vehicle for every challenge in construction and off-road transport. The solid vehicle structure with cold-formed, high tensile steel frame, rigid plate cross member, reinforced centre bearing guarantee that the Arocs can and will face any challenge.


Robust down to the last detail.

Also beyond the foundation.

The cabs of the Arocs impress with their practical design, robustness and safety. At first glance. With every individual detail. And whenever it really counts. All the robustness and reliability of the Arocs is reflected in the cabs. In the durable cab bodyshell – which is comprised 100 percent of fully galvanised sheet metal panels – and to an equal extent in the athletic, powerful design.

Accomplish your task safely.

Mercedes-Benz offers many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and increase comfort for the driver. More safety is provided due to more than 400 sensors which are fitted on the truck to ensure safe and efficient driving.

From platform vehicle to concrete mixer and heavy-duty tipper, the road and all-wheel-drive variants of the Arocs offer a particularly tough and robust vehicle to meet any challenge even in desert, gravel or paved conditions.

Providing unmatched robustness and durability.

The Arocs combines relevant features, such as robust planetary axles and rear axle with reinforced center bearing for 3- and 4- axle vehicles, to achieve extreme load requirements. The robust multi-leaf parabolic springs are fitted on the front and rear axle of the Arocs for particularly high stability and good ride comfort – even in extreme off-road terrain.

All wheel-drive for severe off-road applications.

The Arocs offers three all-wheel-drive variants for outstanding traction. For demanding manoeuvres in difficult terrain, such as moving off on gradients on difficult terrain, the Arocs is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. When less demanding applications and low fuel consumption are required, the engageable all-wheel drive is available.

The powerful, robust Arocs powertrain incorporates more than 120 years of experience. All the components, from the air intake to the turbo retarder clutch, are designed to meet the regional needs. But above all, it delivers precisely the power you need for the tough jobs in off-road transport. The complete powertrain was adjusted to meet the outstanding conditions of Saudi Arabia. To ensure reliability, robustness, efficiency and performance it was completely made by Mercedes-Benz.

A new dimension in high performance engines

The new in-line 6-cylinder engines have higher engine efficiency through the wastegate turbocharger, the optimized viscous fan clutch and the intelligent auxiliary consumers.

The OM460 (Euro III), a state of the art 6-cylinder in-line 12.8 l engine opens a new dimension in high performance engines

Keeping it cool.

The Arocs is equipped with an improved engine cooling system which keeps you going no matter the heat. Due to this asset the truck receives a higher engine output even to high ambient temperature or altitude.

Protection against every particle.

Dust and large particles can impede your task. For that reason, the air intake was dust optimized with a cyclone air filter which collects up to 80 percent of dust and large particles inside the rubber valves. This means a reduction in maintenance cost due to reduced soiling of the paper filter and longer filter change intervals.

Meet and master all challenges with Mercedes PowerShift 3.

The Arocs comes with Mercedes PowerShift 3 as standard and manual gearshift as an option. The gearshift is 100 percent made by Mercedes-Benz ensuring the best integration with engine and axles, providing a wider range of gears for operation in optimal torque ranges and optimized start-off capabilities.

With Mercedes PowerShift 3 you get the best shifting strategy at any time (30-50 percent faster gear changes than manual) with friction reduction for minimized wear and tear of the driveline. Providing a wider range of gears for operation in optimal torque ranges and various driving modes for different road situations, such as Power Mode, Crawl function and Rapid Reverse.

A great variety of clutches - tailor made for all applications.

Due to our various range of clutches we can offer the best equipment for your task to help increasing the clutch lifetime. The single plate clutch with 430 mm diameter is standard for trucks below 2,600 Nm engine power.

The dual plate clutch with 2 x 400 mm diameter is standard for trucks above 2,600 Nm engine power and your solution for heavy duty applications.

Unique in the truck world is the turbo retarder clutch for excellent start-off ability at high loads and difficult terrain without clutch overheating. The wear-free hydraulic turbo retarder clutch offers maximum stability when moving off and maneuvering with very high gross combination weights and torque levels, increasing the efficiency for high GCW and rough transport tasks. It also serves as a retarder, thus providing for additionally enhanced safety as well as reducing running costs.

A great selection of axles: meeting your demands.

The axles on the Arocs are impressive performers in every type of operation no matter if on-road, off-road or at the construction site. The planetary axle with a load capacity of up to 16 tonnes supports at the construction site and for heavy haulage. The robust and proven planetary axles and optimized hypoid axles ensure reliable road bearing even with heavy loads.

Keeping your service brakes fresh.

The Arocs comes with an engine brake as a standard: Thanks to this three-stage brake system, which offers up to 230 kW of braking power, safety as well as vehicle control is increased while wear on the service brake is reduced. The engine brake uses the engine as a compressor and constant throttle to provide wear-free retardation.

In addition, a high performance, three-stage, wear-free auxiliary brake (for Euro IV/V) offering up to 475 kW of brake power is available for even greater safety, providing more opportunity to keep the service brakes fresh.

Wear and maintenance-free auxiliary brake.

The secondary water retarder is available as an option and offers greater braking power (with up to 3500 Nm of braking torque), higher average downhill speeds and lower weight than conventional oil retarders. It is a wear and maintenance-free auxiliary brake that can be used to perform up to 85 percent of all braking operations.

There is no need for an additional oil circuit with oil cooler since the retarder uses the water of the engine cooling circuit.

Robustness knows no compromises.

As an all-wheel-drive semitrailer tractor, platform vehicle, concrete mixer or tipper – the Arocs covers practically all requirements. A higher frame and optimized approach and departure angles provide all Arocs trucks with high ground clearance. For a better breakover angle, diesel tanks with a smaller

cross-section are used.

The range of different front and rear axles which are available in job-specific variants are a further key contributory factor to the large ground clearance. Depending on the type of application and chassis, front axles with varying offsets and with a permissible front axle load of up to 9 t are available. The particularly robust planetary axles with a load capacity of up to 16 t also offer high ground clearance.

Reliability and robustness are defining features of the Arocs. With its chassis and suspension components optimised for off-road transport the Arocs always cuts a fine figure even in the harsh conditions of Saudi Arabia. Learn more about the solid, durable frame structure on this page.

The Arocs has many strengths. Giving in is not one of them.

The narrow frame, with a width of 744 mm and a longitudinal member thickness of 8 or 9 mm, which is made of cold formed, high-strength fine-grained steel, is used in vehicles intended for deployment mainly on construction sites and for off-road driving. This ensures highest reliability and torsional flexibility even in difficult conditions.

The right suspension for every application.

The Arocs is equipped  with a durable steel suspension. For use in heavy-duty construction site operations the steel suspension impresses with its robust, solid construction, high performance and loadability. With the weight-optimized parabolic springs and precisely matched shock absorbers and stabilisers you are optimally prepared even in difficult conditions.

By far the best.

Different applications call for a different amount of ground clearance. Whether it’s a platform chassis, concrete mixer or tipper – the Arocs meets practically any requirements.

All Arocs trucks go into operation with a higher frame, resulting in greater ground clearance. Different variants of exhaust gas outlet, compressed air system, batteries and tanks with various cross-sections contribute to the large ground clearance between the axles. This results in a substantially improved ramp angle.

Create your most suitable vehicle, fitted with the correct body for your operation.

With its modular layout of the chassis concept, the Arocs is a bodybuilder friendly truck and ensures an easy installation of tailor made bodies.

Several mounting elements are systematically positioned for specific body structures and clear areas on the frame are already defined at the factory for e.g. support legs or stowage boxes. Thus no subsequent conversion or relocation of assemblies is required. Also, an easy access to the electrical and pneumatic attachments is ensured.

S-Cabin Classic Space

Exterior length (mm)

Exterior width (mm)

Interior width (mm)

Interior height (mm)

S-Cabin Classic Space





M-Cabin Classic Space





L-Cabin StreamSpace





L-Cabin StreamSpace





L-Cabin BigSpace





The S-Cab ClassicSpace: compact and efficient.

The S-Cab ClassicSpace is characterised by the practical, comfortable workspace as well as by the staircase-like entrance plus a very good overview. With a width of 2,300 mm the S-Cab offers great all-round visibility which provides protection against collisions if space for manoeuvring is especially tight.

The M-Cab ClassicSpace:

room to work and rest.

Thanks to its greater length than the S-Cab, the M-Cab ClassicSpace offers more room and stowage space. And for even more comfort it can be optionally equipped with a folding bunk to allow the driver to rest.

The L-Cab StreamSpace and BigSpace: spacious and relaxing.

The Arocs L-Cab StreamSpace offers a generous amount of space, stowage facilities and headroom. It is fitted with a comfortable bed which makes the Arocs suitable for applications lasting more than one day. Even more comfort is offered by the L-Cab BigSpace which is designed for a great freedom of momevent and plenty of stowage space. It is the ideal option for applications regularly involving overnight stays.

Not only attractive, but highly functional. The new instrument cluster for optimal vehicle operation.

Thanks to its ergonomic cockpit and the arrangement of switches in functional groups, the Arocs ensures easy vehicle operation. The new instrument cluster is characterized by the non-glare legibility, the intuitive menu guidance and the simplified departure check. A 10.4 inch color TFT display presents all the key information quickly, comprehensively and clearly. The driver gets the possibility to control many function via the multifunctional steering wheel, e.g. answer telephone calls or operate assistance systems.

Designed to meet every off-road challenge.

All the robustness and loadability of the Arocs is already reflected in its athletic, powerful exterior design. The radiator grille designed in a bucket tooth look lends the Arocs a striking, unmistakeable face and underlines its power. Even at first glance it is clear where the Arocs is at home: in off-road and construction sites. Another eye-catching touch is added through the standard-fit, grooved exterior mirror trim which is not only an appealing design element, but also prevents damage to the mirror and thus increases safety. The fact that the cabs are manufactured from 100 percent fully galvanized sheet metal panels is a further impressive feature of the Arocs.

The Arocs was designed to meet the most difficult challenges and to introduce a new dimension in long-distance transportation and distribution applications. Mercedes-Benz employs many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and ease the burden on the driver.

Arocs Technical Sheets

Arocs 3342-45 Std

Arocs 4042 K 39 Std

Arocs 4542 B 51 Std

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