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The answer to the enormous demand for a truck line with unsurpassed reliability, durability and sustainability is the Zetros. It takes up and continues in successful story of bonnet-type

high-mobility truck from Mercedes-Benz. The adaptable and flexible concept of the Zetros is ready to deal with all transport requirements and grand easy mounting and operating of all kinds of bodies.

Why Zetros?

The Zetros is the superior truck concept combining large-scale production components with a tailor-made vehicle design following the demand and history of Mercedes-Benz bonnet-type trucks.

Powerful engines, future-proof technology and a vehicle concept offering easy access for maintenance and service, make the Zetros the perfect fit for a huge range of operations.

The Zetros is perfectly equipped for operations on the most challenging terrain – even under the most extreme conditions.

Outstanding traction, supreme mobility and extremely wear-resistant. That’s how the Zetros satisfies customers in various industries.

The Zetros’ durable design with low fuel consumption, together with perfectly tuned gears, a smart axle combination and the Telligent® engine system, makes for an efficient, diesel-saving powertrain.

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A supportive work environment: the Zetros bonnet cab.

The cab, which is positioned behind the front axle, and the suspension configuration complement each other to create an ideal working environment. The outstanding driving comfort of a bonnet of cab overhang makes work a lot easier for the driver and co-driver, who are familiar with the seating position from standard vehicles. Furthermore, balanced axle-load distribution ensures reliable handling on any surface. Besides the M-cab, the Zetros is also available with a crew cab offering seats for up to seven people.

Designed for easy operation – even in challenging situations.

The Zetros design focuses on state-of-the-art ergonomics and convenient operation, even in the harsh conditions often encountered in Saudi Arabia. The result? Easy access to all maintenance points and the engine compartment, a “walk-on” roof and bonnet, and superior visibility for driver.

Ergonomics and generous proportions – comfort and convenience.

Highest ergonomic standards and outstanding ease of use meet in the Zetros. Its generously proportioned cockpit offers plenty of legroom and an optimum layout of control elements and displays. And there’s plenty of stowage space for personal gear.

For even greater comfort, the cab is optionally available with a strong air-condition system.

A tradition you can trust: off-road expertise.

The Zetros continues a legendary tradition and is considered the specialist for extreme terrain, thanks to outstanding traction and supreme mobility. Decades of off-road expertise and innovative technology are combined to produce this modern truck concept for extreme operations. Especially the Zetros semitrailer tractor sets new standards in handling tough off-road challenges with high payload.

Whether in on-road or off-road conditions, the Zetros is your powerful ally when it comes to short, medium or long-range tasks in construction, transportation, oil & gas and many other industry segments. The Zetros is powered by engines delivering 326 hp and 428 hp, which are known for their high level of reliability, long maintenance intervals and low fuel consumption. Offering heavy-duty versatility, the Zetros is available as chassis or semitrailer tractor and comes in two-axle and three-axle versions, along with almost unlimited possibilities for superstructures.

Zetros 1933 A: the 2-axle chassis variant, ready for superstructures.

The Zetros 1933 A is ready for tasks as tipper, tanker, crane or any other application which is needed around the world.
Its chassis dimensions are 8.3 m/ 2.5 m/ 2.9 m (length/width/height), with the wheelbase of 4.8 m. To provide torsional flexibility, the Zetros is built on a “C”-profile straight ladder-type frame. The output offered in this variant is 326 hp.
The Zetros drives well on tarmac or sandy roads, but feels equally at home on rough terrain. For off-road driving, the Zetros 1933 A is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive and differential locks.

Zetros 2933 A / 3343 A / 4043 A: the 3-axle chassis variants for higher loads and volumes.

For the tasks requiring more payload, volume and load area, the Zetros comes in different 3-axle variants (all-wheel drive) and with two wheelbase versions – 4.8 m or 5.1 m. With gross vehicle weights up to 40 tonnes, the 3-axle chassis variants are available in two engine versions – 240 kW (326 hp) and 315 kW (428 hp).

The Zetros 2933 A, 3343 A and 4043 A make no compromises. Safe and efficient transportation is ensured on any surface, thanks to differential locks and the all-wheel drive system.

The Zetros semitrailer tractor. Extended payload and high availability on any terrain.

In recent years, the Mercedes-Benz Zetros has already set standards when it came to extreme off-road applications. The three-axle semitrailer tractor with its powerful and reliable 428 hp (315 kW) engine and a gross combination weight of up to 110 tonnes pushes the limits even further. Whether for various purposes in the transportation segment, a broad range of on- and off-road construction tasks or applications within the oil & gas sector – the Zetros semitrailer tractor meets every challenge and is ready to get the toughest jobs done.

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Engineered for the region’s ultra-challenging tasks. All components of the Zetros powertrain, including the powerful engines, are designed to withstand Saudi Arabia’s tough conditions. From the gearboxes to the engine cooling system, everything is designed with performance in mind. However extreme the climatic conditions and however difficult the terrain, the Zetros won’t let you down.





Engine designation

OM 926 LA

OM 457 LA

Engine type

In-line 6

In-line 6

Displacement (l)









Max torque (Nm/rpm)

1,300 / 1,200 – 1,600





Allison P3000


Forward gears




Reverse gears




Ratio spread

14.57 – 1.0

3.49 – 0.65

0.69 – 11.7

Efficient and future-proof: 6-cylinder in-line engine 7.2l

The 6-cylinder in-line engine with a displacement of 7.2 litres offers 240 kW (326 hp) at 2200 rpm and 1300 Nm at 1200 – 1600 rpm. This engine is available in Euro 3 or Euro 5.

Its highly future-proof technology successfully meets every challenge posed by different industries.

This engine also helps cut costs – thanks to long oil-change intervals, wear-free components and low fuel consumption.

Taking the power to a new level: The new 12-liter, six-cylinder in-line engine.

The new power for the three axle version of the Zetros provides the 6-cylinder in-line engine OM 457 LA. With a displacement of 12.0 liters, this engine develops the maximum power of 315 kW (428 hp) and 2,100 Nm of torque – and takes the tractive power of the all-wheel-drive truck to a new level.

Thanks to more power and torque, the Zetros is ready for any conceivable application, with power to spare.

The Zetros cab: designed for efficient engine cooling.

Unlike standard over-engine cab designs, the Zetros cab positioned behind the engine allows the airflow around the bonnet to disperse the heat and to cool the engine. This is crucial for working in the extreme heat of Saudi Arabia.

Transfer Case

The 2-speed VG 1700 transfer offers one road ratio, one off-road ratio and a switchable centre differential lock. The case distributes the power of the drive shaft to the front and rear axle(s).

Permanent driving of the axles delivers the maximum possible propulsion. There is no loss of tractive power – unnecessary shift operations are eliminated.

The center differential lock contributes a high level of driving stability by compensating differences in rotational speed of front- and rear-axle wheels on one side.


The automatic 6-speed gearbox for the 326 hp engine.

The 6-speed Allison automatic gearbox is an electronically controlled gearbox variant. It consists of a hydrodynamic torque converter with lockup clutch and integrated torsional vibration damper, a downstream, multi-stage planetary gearbox, and an electrohydraulic control. It can be also ordered with hydrodynamic secondary retarder as an option.

The powertrain is protected thanks to gentle, smooth gear shifting as there is no clutch pedal, and the gears are changed automatically.

In addition, it helps keep drivers from getting stuck in soft ground due to wrong gear selection or clutch operation.


Manual gearbox for 6-cylinder in-line engine 7.2l and 12.0l.

The Zetros is equipped with a direct-drive gearbox with 9 forward gears for the 7.2l engine and 16 forwars gears for the 12.0l engine as well as one reverse gear in each case. It consists of a 4-speed basic gearbox with pneumatic rear-mounted range unit. Gear shifts are performed hydro-pneumatically. The result? Simple, secure shifting with no linkage in the cab.


Strong cast axles for high loads.

The Zetros is equipped with robust, cast-steel planetary hub reduction rear axles with differential locks. The axles are designed for a technically possible load of 7.5 – 9.0 t on the front axle and 13 – 16 t on the rear axle.

The Zetros cabs, designed with cutting-edge ergonomic and safety aspects in mind, provide a great deal of room and stowage space. The striking design will turn heads wherever you go. The well-proven cab-behind-engine design offers a high ride comfort – especially on rough terrain – and a protected position for the crew.


Exterior length (mm)

Exterior width (mm)

Interior width (mm)

Interior height (mm)






Crew Cab (6×6)





The M-cab: extra room to stow gear.

With the cab positioned behind the front axle, the Zetros offers constructional advantages. The comfortable M-cab is designed to meet the needs of the driver and passenger during any type of operation. Additional space behind the seats allows for extra stowage.

The crew cab: seating for up to seven.

For tasks requiring a complete crew, the Zetros crew cab is the ideal fit. Made of steel, it is 2.5 m long and has four additional seats in the rear section, as well as doors on both sides.

The crew cab offers seating for up to seven people, including the driver. Steps lead into the cab, making access quick and easy.
These features of the crew cab make the Zetros an ideal and reliable partner e.g. in the fire fighting sector.

Easy maintenance – without tilting the cab.

Repair and maintenance work is quickly accomplished – due to easy access to engine units and components. The bonnet opens via torsion spring, so a hydraulic cab-tipping system is unnecessary. The cab does not need to be unloaded and passengers can remain in the vehicle.

Safety first: strong construction and excellent visibility.

The Zetros cab offers excellent all-round visibility. Moreover, the engine bonnet in front provides a relaxed feeling, with intuitive steering similar to a passenger car. The position of the engine fitted at the front end of the body protects the crew and the windscreen from outside impact.

Efficient safety features and a high-strength truck cab certified to ECE R29/2 ensure a very high level of passive safety

Relaxingly comfortable: easy entry and less vibration.

Comfort starts with easy entry thanks to the relatively low cab floor. The Zetros also features generous stowage and seating for up to three people – an optional full-size centre seat is available. This third seat offers a great deal of legroom as there is no engine tunnel. Ride comfort and easy vehicle handling is achieved by reducing the effect of vibrations caused by off-road terrain or rocky roads.

An attractive work space – plus safer access.

A highly functional, generous and appealing space concept facilitates work for driver. The rounded instrument panel simplifies operation and is clearly arranged. No engine tunnel means greater freedom of movement and allows crew members to get out on the safe side of the road every time.

Designed for strength and excellent clearance.

The Zetros’ cab design helps keep overall height low when large tyres are fitted, allowing safe passage through low tunnels and under bridges.

Furthermore, the 3-point mounting is installed close to the torsional axis of the frame which results in a reduction of lateral disturbances.

The steel cab features a bonnet made of corrosion-free, high-strength composite material. Both cab roof and bonnet can be walked on, up to a load of 150 kg.

An extremely mobile truck in a variety of environments, the Zetros handles different road surfaces as well as off-road terrain. Its powerful chassis components are designed to interact smoothly, ensuring fast and safe driving over varying types of ground.


Tailored to your needs: the reinforced ladder-type frame.

The Zetros is built on a straight bolted ladder-type frame, with reinforced front-end and top for special attachments. This rugged frame offers superb torsional flexibility.

Thanks to the wide range of possibilities to modify the length of wheelbase or rear overhang ex-factory provide the ideal basis for the variety of body lengths and make the body mounting process easier and quicker.

Choose from two front-axle suspension options.

The Zetros can be equipped with 3- or 4-leaf parabolic springs for the front axle. The 3-leaf parabolic springs for the front axle are designed for a load capacity of 7.5 t. The individual spring leaves are not located directly on top of each other, but are installed with a slight gap for corrosion protection. The same construction is used in the 4-leaf parabolic springs for the front axle, designed for loads up to 9.0 t. Specially tuned shock absorbers are used for both parabolic spring versions.

Drum brakes offer superior protection.

Drum brakes on all axles are standard equipment for the Zetros. Their encapsulated design protects brake components and is perfect for rough terrain – grit and water cannot get inside the drum. The driver’s workload is also reduced, thanks to finely controllable, precise braking action and uniform response.

Superstructures can be bolted and fastened without drilling.

The Zetros can be optionally equipped with mounting parts which are easily connected to the hole matrix on the frame – pre-installed consoles on the longitudinal elements of the chassis frame for bolting on bodies as well as mounting plates for fastening the sides of the body frame. The Zetros is ready and waiting for your specific superstructure.


Telligent® systems: smoother interactions for more safety.

Telligent® systems support the driver by helping to make better interaction between the components. The systems make sure that the engine, the brakes, and the chassis are all interacting smoothly.

Automatic cut-outs: easier operation and faster troubleshooting.

Automatic cut-outs are fitted ex-works, instead of the standard blade-type fuses. After an overload, or after the fault has been remedied, the cut-outs are reactivated simply by throwing the switch. This simplifies operation, since you no longer need to exchange fuses or keep a wide range of blade-type fuses on hand. The fuse affected can be seen from the switch position, making troubleshooting much faster, too.

Telligent® maintenance system

The Telligent® maintenance system has already proven its effectiveness in the Zetros. This interface continually registers all key operating data and calculates the conditions of operating fluids and wear parts, displaying any that need to be changed or replaced. This makes for optimum use of fluids and allows service appointments to be built into the vehicle’s assignment plans. This reduces downtime and significantly decreases total cost of ownership.


Easy repairs – plus more crew safety.

The Zetros benefits from a strong service network, easy- repair technology, and long-term spare-part availability in every corner of the world. What’s more, the forward-tilting bonnet gives quick access to engine and auxiliaries, without the crew having to leave the cab. Communication and safety are maintained.

PTO variants: power for every task.

Several different PTOs (power take-offs) are available for the Zetros:

Manual transmission PTOs: gearbox-dependent and shiftable, a low-cost variant for driving a hydraulic pump without an additional propshaft. The installation of larger hydraulic pumps is possible thanks to large centre distance of spur gear drive.

Automatic transmission PTOs: deployment-oriented system solutions, individually selectable PTO gear ratio, selectable available permanent PTO torque, switched PTO, compact design.

PSM interface: connectivity for more efficiency.