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Where even four-wheel drive trucks reach their limits, a totally different kind of work and tractor vehicle has to take over: the Unimog. It redefines versatility and viability on four wheels. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is in a league of its own, providing solutions which no other vehicle worldwide can offer. With its attachment and mounting areas at the front, middle and rear, the Unimog offers unparalleled versatility. It is also more at home on off-road terrain than any other vehicle and can drive at fast speeds on roads as a transporter.

Why Unimog?

Strikingly dynamic, incomparably strong and absolutely reliable. That’s the Unimog concept.

The Unimog transports crews, material and heavy equipment to any remote work location.

The outstanding off-road design can cope with any challenge, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology.

The Unimog is a vehicle and tool in one. A work machine for challenging jobs, expeditions or disaster intervention.

Low-maintenance engines, steep torque curve and large output reserves let you tackle the most difficult terrains with your Unimog – year after year.

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Superior in every situation and over any terrain.

Extreme off-road capability or great working and operating comfort? The Unimog U 4000/U 5000 gives you both. From its spacious, air-conditioned cab to its smooth gear shifting with AutomaticShift or fully synchronised electro-pneumatic manual transmission – the Unimog provides everything to help make demanding jobs as easy and comfortable as possible

Always ready.

The Unimog U 4000/U 5000 is not just ready for any situation or terrain, it’s also designed for a long, cost-effective life. Reliability, a long life span and economic efficiency make the unique implement carrying  concept an unrivalled future-proof vehicle.

Chassis design:

unparalleled worldwide.
The Unimog is your ideal work and transport vehicle for even the most arduous conditions. Its exceptional off-road capability is made possible through a host of technical features, such as the flexible ladder-type frame, all-wheel drive with differential locks on both axles, and the tyre pressure control system. With this, nothing can stand in the way of your perfect off-road operation. For instance, as an emergency vehicle for disaster relief work, or for maintenance tasks in the power supply industry. It gets through terrain other vehicles can’t even reach – the Unimog U 4000/U 500

Diverse attachment and mounting options.

Wherever high demands on workers and technology meet up with extreme terrain, the Mercedes-Benz Unimog comes into its own. And thanks to its great versatility, the every job requirement can be met. For decades, implements and bodies have been designed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers, creating the ideal, customized solution for a wide array of special operations.

The Unimog: a living legend.

Created during the hard times following the end of WW II, the tough Mercedes-Benz Unimog is one of the few truly still-living legends of legendary automobiles still in production. Over decades, the Unimog has proved itself worldwide as a versatile implement carrier and transport vehicle; roughly 380,000 vehicles have been produced to date. What remains unchanged is its basic idea: four wheels, equal in size, outstanding off-road mobility due to its portal axles, four-wheel drive and differential locks at front and back, compact dimensions and – last but not least – its ability to provide power for a great variety of attached and mounted implements. The series production vehicle known as the “Universal-Motor-Gerät (tool)” – abbreviated to Unimog – has been proudly bearing the Mercedes star since 1951.

Hydraulic system.

The Unimog’s powerful hydraulic system with a working pressure of up to 240 bar features standard plug connectors for easy, fast and error-free fitting. Two hydraulic connections each at front and rear (pressure and return line) are available to operate winches, cranes etc.

Off-road capabilities: experience the extremes.

Whether you have to tackle hard gravel tracks, hot desert sand, dizzyingly steep downhill stretches or climb gradients of up to 100 % – that’s what the Unimog U 4000/ U 5000 is all about. When the terrain demands it, the Unimog rises to the challenge like no other commercial vehicle.

With its unique off-road capabilities, the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 beats every rival hollow – worldwide. Its flexible frame ensures excellent rigidity on the road and great torsional flexibility off-road, while its superior four-wheel drive concept includes portal axles for particularly high ground clearance. For special jobs where specific heavy equipment has to be transported quickly and safely, the U 5000 is also available with a third axle to expand its operational range.

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No track or road is too challenging for the Unimog U 4000/U 5000. Not least thanks to its low-maintenance Mercedes-Benz 4-cylinder engines with their efficient power delivery, steep torque curve and large output reserves – so you can get going and tackle the most difficult terrain.



OM 904 LA

OM 924 LA

Engine type

In-line 4

In-line 4

Displacement (l)









Max torque (Nm/rpm)





UG 100-8

Gearshift options

Telligent® gearshift, 

AutomaticShift (EAS),

Additional Working Gears

Forward gears


Reverse gears


Ratio spread

9.57 – 0.74

Transmission. As versatile as you need it to be.

The fully synchronised electro-pneumatic Telligent® gearshift with its eight forward gears and six reverse gears stands out with its smooth running, long life span and high efficiency. It is perfectly designed to support numerous types of operations. The synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse (EQR) makes it easy to change directions quickly or to rock free when off-roading. The special off-road gear group with an additional eight forward and eight reverse gears guarantees maximum traction in the lower 1 – 15 km/h speed range.

AutomaticShift: change gears as you like.

Take the strain out of driving while operating implements or hauling heavy loads. With AutomaticShift you can decide, at the touch of a button, to use either M (for manual) or A (for automatic) gear shifting. Either way, without using the clutch. Even in automatic mode, you can intervene with the gearshift lever and change gears manually.

Mercedes-Benz engines – always ready for peak performance.

The low maintenance four-cylinder engines from Mercedes-Benz are state-of-the-art in every aspect, and perfectly equipped to fulfil every demand.

Technical features include direct-injection and three-valve technology, a turbocharger and intercooler, a steep torque curve, constant output over a wide rpm range and high power reserves. The combustion-air intake is positioned on the cab roof where dust levels are lowest.

Driving and working modes engine regulation as needed.

Select the proper engine mode at the push of a button to suit the job to be done. Driving mode benefits from the range of engine speeds for road trips. Working mode ensures minimal rev speed deviations.

A radiator system designed for highest demands.

The radiator system has been developed especially to cope with the high demands placed on the Unimog U 4000/U 5000. The intercooler and radiator, each with their own viscous fan, are fitted side by side, high above the ground. Thus the cooling performance is greatly improved and the danger of fouling is kept to a minimum – for optimum functional safety when fording. You can rely on the Unimog to get you through, even during the most demanding off-road operations involving temperature fluctuations or extreme dust.

The cabs of the U 4000/U 5000 provide everything the driver and crew need to do their work as ergonomically and safely as possible. The interior with its sound-absorbing panels and comfortable seats is equipped with generous storage areas and plenty of headroom (e. g. when wearing a helmet). The cab floor is flat throughout, ensuring free through-cab access. And a pleasant working atmosphere is always ensured by the integrated air-conditioning unit.




Exterior length (mm)

Exterior width (mm)






S-cab with high roof



Crew cab



The short-bonnet cab. Spacious and ergonomically designed.

The position of the cab behind the engine, together with its three-point mounting on rubber elements, considerably reduces vibrationsand provides a relaxed, focusedatmosphere even for longer tasks. Optionally available luxury seats with seat-heating and lumbar supports make working a pleasure. Good visibility from the short-bonnet cab and combined with excellent handling provide great advantages, especially when working off-road in rough terrain.

The optional 120 mm larger cab offers more stowage space and freedom of movement. The seat adjustment is more individual, and the cab floor is flat throughout, ensuring free through-cab access.

The crew cab: seating for up to seven.

Equipped with the special crew cab, the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 provides enough room for seven people and offers them maximum legroom and headroom. Four air-sprung individual seats are optionally available. Generous storage space is available in the three large compartments under the fold-away rear bench. 

Tools, work materials and personal equipment of all the crew members can be stored here safely, while remaining easily accessible. Additional storage compartments are located on the central console and in the front doors. The rear passenger doors open extra-wide, making it easier to get in and out. 
A further plus: the additional roof hatch at the rear.

The semi forward-control cab: all-round comfort.

Mounted on 3-point rubber elements, the cab provides first-rate cushioning against vibrations and jolts. A soundproofed interior, generous headroom, comfortable seats and integrated air conditioning all add up to a pleasant working environment.

The Unimog panel: driver information at a glance.

The driver information system (FIS) allows all important functions to be checked at a glance – including status reports, event reportsand menu-driven online diagnosis. The standard cruise control, speed limiter, electronic manual throttle control and the two-stage engine brake are all controlled with the multifunction lever on the right-hand side of the steering column. Optical and acoustic signals help the driver to respond immediately if the need arises. The radio/CD player, optionally available with a Bluetooth interface and hands-free system, further enhances operating safety.

With its unique off-road capabilities, the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 beats every rival hollow – worldwide. Its flexible frame ensures excellent rigidity on the road and great torsional flexibility off-road; its superior chassis concept includes an engageable four-wheel drive, differential locks in both axles, reduction gears for off-road with as well as portal axles for particularly high ground clearance. Whether deep sand, high water, bogs or scree – the Unimog transports your crew, materials and heavy equipment quickly and safely to any location.

The U 4000/U 5000 frame: rigid on roads, flexible everywhere else.

At the heart of the uncompromising all-terrain capabilities of the Unimog    U 4000/ U 5000 is the flexible frame with tubular cross-members which ensures the necessary rigidity on the road while allowing great torsional flexibility off-road. This is provided by the three-point mounting of the cab, engine and transmission, as well as the defined interfaces for mounting superstructures and implements, This means that even axle articulation of up to 30° is possible.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highly resilient offset frame for a low center of gravity and high driving stability off-road
  • Short frame overhang for steep angles of approach or departure

Safe and controlled driving in any situation

Thrust tube technology: for maximum diagonal torsion.

The special thrust tube construction allows for extremely long spring travel and permits diagonal axle articulation of up to 30°. As the thrust tube encloses the drive shaft, it is shielded from dirt and damage.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely long spring travel
  • Maximum diagonal torsion
  • Drive shaft protected over extremely muddy and rocky terrain

Wear-resistant and maintenance-free axle suspension

Manually engageable four-wheel drive: Powerful – off and on the road.

With its rear-axle drive for driving on roads and the manually engageable four-wheel drive for off-road work, maximum traction is available in every situation. On extremely difficult terrain, differential locks in both axles make sure the powertrain is working at full strength. Even if only one wheel has sufficient traction, the Unimog still gets ahead and successfully tackles gradients of up to 100 %.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Selectable rear-axle drive or four-wheel drive
  • Differential locks at front and rear can be engaged or disengaged with rotary switch while driving
  • No interruption of tractive force during gear shifting

All four wheels synchronised 100 % by locking effect in both axles

Short frame overhang: successful traverses over difficult terrain.

Thanks to its long-travel coil springs (instead of the typical leaf springs used by trucks), the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 has a short frame overhang at front and rear, enabling it to tackle even steep ramps and embankments with ease. Its low centre of gravity and extreme torsional flexibility provide additional security with respect to steep slopes and tipping angles.

Advantages at a glance:

Overcomes obstacles, hilltops, steep slopes and embankments easily

Portal axles: extreme off-roading made easy.

Portal axles are the secret behind the outstanding ground clearance of the Unimog U 4000/U 5000. They cope with boulders and other obstacles up to half-a-metre high. For increased traction over difficult terrain, a reduction gear on the wheel-hub drive allows for full torque transmission to the ground. 

Advantages at a glance:

  • Outstanding ground clearance with a low vehicle centre of gravity.
  • Axle tube and differential are clearly smaller than on a truck and are situated above the wheel centre.
  • Differentials installed outside the centre of the axle guarantee high ground clearance, even on tracks with deep ruts.

Axle suspension: keeping all four wheels firmly on the ground.

One key advantage for off-road work is the axle suspension with thrust tube, control arm and coil springs. This somewhat unusual type of suspension for an off-roader provides long spring travel and outstanding axle articulation. Stabilisers at the front and rear ensure high cornering stability and safe driving.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Permanent surface contact for all four wheels, even over extremely uneven ground
  • Progressive spring characteristics ensure driving stability with any load

Very safe driving, even with bodies with a high centre of gravity

Dual-circuit braking system plus ABS and ALB: safety in any situation​

Supported by compressed air, the dual-circuit disc braking system always bring the Unimog to a safe stop, even on long hills and with heavy loads. The braking system is perfectly reliable in any season, even after driving through mud and water. In difficult terrain, the wheels may build up a soil wedge and then become blocked, significantly decreasing the braking distance. So additional safety and driving stability is provided by a disengageable anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Advantages at a glance:

  • Effective spring-type parking brake requiring minimal operating strength
  • ABS control for each wheel
  • ALB – automatic braking force control which adjusts to the load situation

Telligent® systems: smoother interactions for more efficiency, reliability and safety.

Telligent® systems support the driver by helping to prevent mistakes. Telligent® enables very fast data exchange between all electronic controls of the vehicle and thus makes sure that the engine, the brakes, and the chassis are all interacting smoothly.


Power for every task.

The Unimog U 4000/U 5000 has an auxiliary drive for running hydraulic pumps for cranes or excavators. It also has a fast auxiliary drive for connecting to fire-extinguishing pumps or similar power units. The PTOs (power take-offs) are operated via a pull switch in the centre console, while the hydraulic or fire-extinguishing pumps are controlled via a special CANbus-linked module with programmable parameters.

Hydraulic System

Simple to connect, easy to operate.

The Unimog’s powerful hydraulic system with a working pressure of up to 240 bar can run an oil engine or an external control panel, making it suitable both for permanent consumers and for operating implements via valves. Standard plug connectors make for easy, fast and error-free fitting. Two hydraulic connections each at front and rear (pressure and return line) are available to operate winches, cranes etc.



Single tyres. For anywhere and everywhere.

Unlike conventional four-wheel-drive trucks with twin tyres fitted on the rear axle, the Unimog has four single tyres. The rear wheels always run in the compressed tracks created by the front wheels, which offers higher traction and lower rolling resistance. With a wide range of tyre sizes and types available, the Unimog can be equipped with exactly the right tyres for the respective terrain.
Advantages at a glance:

• A large selection of tyres is available: from MPT low-pressure tyres to special sand and high-traction models.
• Chains can also be used for snow or difficult terrain, depending on the chosen tyre size.

Central tyre inflation system (Tirecontrol): always the right tyre pressure.

A further plus when driving over challenging or soft terrain: Tirecontrol, the optional system for adjusting tyre pressures quickly and flexibly to suit changing surface conditions while on the move. At the touch of a button, the driver seated in the cab can decrease the air pressure to increase the tyre contact area, preventing the Unimog from sinking into soft ground and also increasing traction.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High traction, good self-cleaning properties and reduced tracks on the ground
  • Flexible tyre pressure adjustment while driving, to suit the respective terrain
  • Longer tyre life as optimum tyre pressure is maintained
  • Less soil compaction and less damage to the environment thanks to greater tyre contact area

With its unique off-road capabilities, the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 beats every rival hollow – worldwide. Its flexible frame ensures excellent rigidity on the road and great torsional flexibility off-road, while its superior four-wheel drive concept includes portal axles for particularly high ground clearance. For special jobs where specific heavy equipment has to be transported quickly and safely, the U 5000 is also available with a third axle to expand its operational range.

The Unimog’s Technical Sheet


U 4000

U 5000

Gross vehicle weight (t)*

7.5 – 10

12 – 14.1

Wheelbases (mm)

3,250; 3.850

3,250; 3.850





S-cab; Crew Cab

S-cab; Crew Cab

Axle configuration



Suspensions (FA, RA)

Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers

Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers

Engine type

In-line 4

In-line 4

Displacement (l)

4,250; 4,800



130; 160



177; 218


Max torque (Nm/rpm)

675; 810


Emission classes

Euro 3

Euro 3

Gearboxes (speeds)



Axle loads / Weights (kg) *



1. Front axle, 

4,000 – 4,500; 

5,500 – 6,200; 

2. Front axle



1. Rear axle, 

4,000 – 4,500; 

6,900 – 8,500; 

2. Rear axle



* technically permitted weights/loads





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