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In order to be able to offer you a vehicle that is optimum for long-distance transport today and in the future in every aspect we rebuild the Actros. When developing the Actros, we called every aspect into question. The result: the most reliable, efficient and impressive truck we have ever built. And particularly low total costs of ownership thanks to the optimized fuel efficiency of the Actros and a range of customer services tailored specifically to your needs. All for a single goal: to increase your profitability. Get ready to meet the new Actros.

Why the All-New Actros?

The Actros is equipped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest condition.

3 years or 450,000km – prevents from damage, this powertrain warranty comes as standard with the Actros.

The engines of the Actros are designed for low optimized fuel consumption, maximum longevity and optimal performance.

The Actros also impresses with its practical design, robustness and safety.
The highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on its particularly low fuel consumption – the Actros provides just the best.

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Your reliable partner in Saudi Arabia.

Operators who earn their money in long distance transportation need absolute reliability. In other words: trucks they can trust. With the Actros we are able to offer you a vehicle incorporating the experience and expertise acquired over more than 120 years of German engineering, and Assembled in the National Automobile Factory (NAI) Ltd in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, in the hands of Saudis. Equipped with leading Mercedes-Benz vehicle technology and components tested under the toughest conditions. This applies to engines, gearshifts, transmissions and drive axles as well as frames, chassis, suspension and cabs. Everything is perfectly coordinated, in order to meet all requirements reliably, even in extreme conditions.

The new dimension in design and comfort.

The cabs of the Actros impress with their distinctive design, robustness and safety. With a total of 22 cab variants available from 2.3 m S-Cab with engine tunnel to 2.5 m L-Cab with level floor – the new cabs meet all the requirements encountered in on-road and mixed road transport.

Drive and work more efficiently.

The Actros also meets the highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on its particularly low fuel consumption. Low wear and a higher resale value are additional merits contributing to its high overall efficiency. To this end, numerous innovative technical measures were implemented in the course of developing the Actros, such as the standard Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift.

Accomplish your task safe.

Mercedes-Benz offers many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and increase comfort for the driver. More safety is provided due to more than 400 sensors which are fitted on the truck to ensure safe and efficient driving.


The Actros delivers an exemplary performance in long-distance transportation and distribution applications. It was especially developed for these tasks and therefore offers the best basis for your individual operation. The Actros meets your requirements by offering various model solutions and corresponding applications.

Redefining robustness.

The Actros combines relevant features, such as robust planetary axles and rear axle with reinforced center bearing for 3-axle vehicles, to achieve extreme load requirements, especially for distribution and transportation tasks. The robust multi-leaf parabolic springs are fitted on the front and rear axle of the Actros for particularly high stability and good ride comfort. This enables transport operations even under extreme conditions in Saudi Arabia.

Prepared for any operation in transportation.

The Actros ensures that you are always economical when out on the road – and that the driver experiences a comfortable, smooth drive every day.

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The powerful, robust Actros powertrain incorporates more than 120 years of experience in truck production, fulfilling highest quality standards. All components are designed and built for highest robustness, withstanding most extreme climate conditions, difficult terrains and demanding applications. But above all, it delivers precisely the power you need for all long-haul transportation and distribution tasks.

This is where driving enjoyment and economy pull together.

The Actros comes with a choice of two powerful 6-cylinder in-line engines complying with the Euro III emission norm: the 12.8 liter OM 460 designed for optimized fuel consumption, maximum longevity and optimal performance. The OM460 engine is developed on the basis of tried-and-tested technology and robust components, providing high torque levels at lower engine speeds. It is available in power output ratings from 360 hp to 476 hp.

Masters the harshest and most demanding climate conditions.

The Actros is equipped with an improved engine cooling system which keeps you going no matter the heat. Due to this asset the truck receives a higher engine output even to high ambient temperature or altitude. The high speed fan makes sure that the engine is protected against overheating. Another feature to ensure that the engine stays cool is the automatic down-rating of the engine in case of excessive coolant temperature.

Protection against every particle.

Dust and large particles can impede your task. Thanks to the air intake optimally positioned at the upper part of the cabin and the newly developed cyclone pre-filter, up to 80% of dust and large particles are removed before reaching the air filter. This increases the lifetime of the air filter drastically, contributing to a reduction of maintenance costs.

Mercedes PowerShift – ensuring economic driving and minimized wear and tear.

The Actros comes with Mercedes PowerShift 3 as standard and manual gearshift as an option. Superior dynamic response, simple handling and low fuel consumption: the automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and optimal economy. Various driving programs provide a convincing shifting strategy appropriate to the driving situations and the load carried at the time. Each driving program consist of three transmission modes: standard, manual and the specific mode selected with the driving program. With its automated and intelligent shifting, Mercedes PowerShift3 protects the powertrain, significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs and thus contributing to the profitability of your business.

A great variety of clutches - tailor made for all applications.

Due to our various range of clutches we can offer the best equipment for your task to help increasing the clutch lifetime. The single plate clutch with 430 mm diameter is standard for trucks below 2,600 Nm engine power.

The dual plate clutch with 2 x 400 mm diameter is standard for trucks above 2,600 Nm engine power and your solution for heavy duty applications.

Unique in the truck world is the turbo retarder clutch for excellent start-off ability at high loads and difficult terrain without clutch overheating. The wear-free hydraulic turbo retarder clutch offers maximum stability when moving off and maneuvering with very high gross combination weights and torque levels, increasing the efficiency for high GCW and rough transport tasks. It also serves as a retarder, thus providing for additionally enhanced safety as well as reducing running costs.

A great selection of axles – meeting your demands.

A wide choice of rear axle ratios matched to various operating profiles also plays a role in keeping fuel consumption low. Economical auxiliary consumers, such as the on-demand power steering pump and new air-conditioning unit also contribute to low fuel consumption. The further advanced hypoid twin axles contribute to low fuel consumption on the Actros.

Keeping your service brakes fresh.

The Actros comes with an engine brake as a standard: Thanks to this three-stage brake system, which offers up to 230 kW of braking power, safety as well as vehicle control is increased while wear on the service brake is reduced. The engine brake uses the engine as a compressor and constant throttle to provide wear-free retardation.


In addition, a high performance, three-stage, wear-free auxiliary brake (for Euro IV/V) offering up to 475 kW of brake power is available for even greater safety, providing more opportunity to keep the service brakes fresh.

Wear and maintenance-free auxiliary brake.

The secondary water retarder is available as an option and offers greater braking power (with up to 3500 Nm of braking torque), higher average downhill speeds and lower weight than conventional oil retarders. It is a wear and maintenance-free auxiliary brake that can be used to perform up to 85 percent of all braking operations. There is no need for an additional oil circuit with oil cooler since the retarder uses the water of the engine cooling circuit.


The Actros is characterised by superb driving dynamics, because the optimum balance between comfort, direct road feel and very good driveability and control has been found: in order to achieve this, many of the components for the drive system, chassis and suspension were redeveloped and significant improvements were made to tried-and-tested elements.

A frame uncompromisingly geared to use in long-distance transport.

The wider track and the more rigid design of the newly developed frame ensure improved road holding and better driving characteristics. Further advantages include the 50 mm matrix of pre-drilled holes throughout, the optimised wheelbase and a larger range of wheelbases, frame overhangs and end cross members.

The right suspension solution for every application.

When it comes to the suspension, the Actros is available with a robust steel suspension or a combination of steel and air suspension depending on the intended application.

For use in off-road operations the steel suspension impresses with its robust, solid construction, high performance and loadability.

For predominantly road-based operations the Actros can be equipped with steel suspensions on the front axle and air suspensions on the rear axle. The new 4-bellows air suspension helps to deliver good driving dynamics and high ride comfort.

Create your most suitable vehicle, fitted with the correct body for your operation.

With its modular layout of the chassis concept, the Actros is a bodybuilder friendly truck and ensures an easy installation of tailor made bodies.

Several mounting elements are systematically positioned for specific body structures and clear areas on the frame are already defined at the factory for e.g. a lever for tipping operations inside the cabin or stowage boxes. Thus no subsequent conversion or relocation of assemblies is required. Also, an easy access to the electrical and pneumatic attachments is ensured.

The Actros comes with an impressive newely developed design. Beyond the exterior design, the appeal extends to the spacious and ergonomic cab interior, providing a clearly arranged driver’s workplace which makes the vehicle operations easy and safe. With its cabs geared to various operating profiles the Actros opens up hitherto unattained dimensions of working, living and sleeping in long-distance transport.


Exterior length (mm)

Exterior width (mm)

Interior width (mm)

Interior height (mm)

S-Cabin Classic Space





M-Cabin Classic Space





L-Cabin StreamSpace





L-Cabin StreamSpace





L-Cabin BigSpace





Impetus and dynamism rolled into one.

From the front apron and the radiator grille right up to the roof: the striking exterior design with its specific long-distance transport style also lends the newly developed Actros a new dimension in visual terms. Its distinctive hole pattern grille, the sleek mirror design and the attractive cab make the Actros stand out of the crowd. The design of the Actros has been optimised right down to the smallest detail after extensive testing to ensure extremely low wind resistance and reduced fuel consumption.

The S-Cab ClassicSpace: compact and efficient.

The S-Cab ClassicSpace is characterised by the practical, comfortable workspace as well as by the staircase-like entrance plus a very good overview. With a width of 2,300 mm the S-Cab offers great all-round visibility which provides protection against collisions if space for manoeuvring is especially tight.

The M-Cab ClassicSpace: room to work and rest.

Thanks to its greater length than the S-Cab, the M-Cab ClassicSpace offers more room and stowage space. And for even more comfort it can be optionally equipped with a folding bunk to allow the driver to rest.

The L-Cab StreamSpace and BigSpace:  spacious and relaxing.

The Actros L-Cab StreamSpace offers a generous amount of space, stowage facilities and headroom. It is fitted with a comfortable bed which makes the Actros suitable for applications lasting more than one day. Even more comfort is offered by the L-Cab BigSpace which is designed for a great freedom of momevent and plenty of stowage space. It is the ideal option for applications regularly involving overnight stays.

Not only attractive, but highly functional. The new features in the state-of-the-art workplace.

Better ergonomics with practical solutions were the remit when it came to creating the new workplace. These include the new cockpit projected towards the driver, the newly developed seats, the new multifunction steering wheel and the stowage compartments which are easy to reach from the driver’s seat. In short: everything can be operated intuitively and is precisely tuned to workflows in long-distance transport. With its graphics-capable 10.4 cm TFT colour display and many new functions and readouts, the new instrument cluster facilitates fast, comprehensive display of all the readings.

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The Actros was designed to meet the most difficult challenges and to introduce a new dimension in long-distance transportation and distribution applications. Mercedes-Benz employs many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and ease the burden on the driver.

The All-New Actros Technical Sheets

Actros 2042 S39

Actros 2042 S39 Safety

Actros 2042 LS39

Actros 3342 S36

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