Sprinter Tourer
9 Seats

The power and economy you need to move ahead.

Euro V CDI engine

Superior power delivery and exemplary efficiency. The OM651 4-cylinder diesel engine rated at 120 kW (163 hp) impresses in its performance class thanks to superior power delivery, exemplary efficiency and also a low noise level and high vibration comfort. 

It already produces its maximum torque of 360 Nm at between 1,400 and 2,400 rpm. This is achieved, amongst other things, by the common rail direct injection with solenoid valve injectors and a two-stage turbocharging. 

The efficiency of the engine was increased with the standard use of a friction reduction package, an optimised belt drive, the installation of ECO pistons, and a regulated fuel pump. 

Sprinter Tourer Key technical data

Sprinter Tourer Dimensions

Vehicle Dimensions

5,932 mm
Height (unladen)
2,620 mm
Width (inc. width mirrors)
2,345 mm
Ground Clearance
162 mm

Wheelbase Dimensions

Wheelbase Length
3,665 mm
Turning Cirle
13.3 m
Track Circle
12.4 m
Front Track Width
1,726 mm
Rear Track Width
1,732 mm

Load Compartment Dimensions

Load floor length
3,272 mm
Load Volume
10.5 Cubic Meter
Max. Width
1,787 mm
Width between wheel arches
1,350 mm
2,009 mm
Rear loading height (from ground to load floor)
626 mm

Driving safety, acoustics and efficiency harmoniously matched.

The 235/65 R16 C tyres are harmoniously matched with regard to the driving safety, fuel efficiency and quiet-running of the vehicle. 

Compared to slimmer tyres, they impress with improved vehicle handling and a long service life. 

The tyres of size 235/65 R16 C have a maximum permissible load rating of 1320 kg per tyre. 

The load index (LI) is 115/112 in conjunction with the weight class 3500 kg and 121/119 or 118/116 in conjunction with the weight class 4100 kg. The tyres are available as summer, winter and all-season tyres.

7G-TRONIC Automatic Transmission, Fuel-saving and convenient operation.

The 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission relieves the driver of manual gear-changing and convince with soft, almost unnoticeable gear changes. 

The 7 close-ratio gears keep the engine speed as low as possible in every driving situation. This has a positive effect on the fuel consumption and improves the quiet-running. 

Convenient operation with the DYNAMIC SELECT selector lever on the steering wheel. The paddle shifters behind the steering wheel spokes allow shifting gears manually as well. 

The other advantages of the transmission include its long service life, the high reliability and the low maintenance costs.

Other features and benefits of the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission:

Gear Ratios:

1st gear
4.377 : 1
2nd gear
2.859 : 1
3rd gear
1.921 : 1
4th gear
1.368 : 1
5th gear
1.000 : 1
6th gear
0.820 : 1
7th gear
0.728 : 1
Reverse gear
-3.416 : 1

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