Sprinter Tourer
9 Seats

The third generation of Sprinter vans boasts a progressive design plus the same comfort and safety features of passenger cars. It also ensures maximum cost-effectiveness thanks to lower total operating costs and customer-oriented features.

9 black bench seats, easy to remove and reinstall

9 comfortable seats with three-point seat belts, ISOFIX child seat attachment points, and headrests. 

Leaves room on the right to load cargo through to the back of the co-driver’s seat. If more cargo space is needed, the bench seat is easy to remove and reinstall thanks to the “Easy Mounting” feature. 

Rollers on the underside make loading and unloading the bench seat easier. 

Electric parking brake

Simple engagement and release at the touch of a button. The electric parking brake can be operated simply and easily by pushing a button to the left of the rotary light switch:

The parking brake is engaged and released at the touch of a button. The automatic engagement or release of the electric parking brake under certain conditions increases safety and comfort. The parking brake is activated when the button is pushed or the driver leaves the driver’s seat. The parking brake is manually released by pushing the button or released automatically when enough torque is sent to the wheels to start moving. The following conditions must be met for the parking brake to be released automatically: engine running, driver’s seat occupied, selector lever in position “D” or “R”, accelerator pedal depressed, or the selector lever is moved from position “P” to “D” or “R” 

MBUX Multimedia System

The MBUX multimedia system, with its 17.8 cm (7 inch) touchscreen boasts versatile communications, new, and entertainment options. Its functions can be intuitively operated on the high-resolution 17 8 cm (7 inch) touchscreen or with the touch control buttons on the multi-function steering wheel. 

Further highlights include smartphone integration via Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, or the Bluetooth® interface, with hands-free function for making phone calls with minimal distraction 

Parking Package with reversing camera

The reversing camera displays the area directly behind the vehicle. It helps to detect any obstacles when parking or maneuvering.

Furthermore, at speeds of up to 10 km/h, Parking Assist visually and audibly warns of obstacles in front o or behind the vehicle, helping to prevent damage when parking and maneuvering.

When starting, Drive Away Assist provides additional support by automatically reducing the vehicle’s speed if the system detects obstacles in the intended direction of travel.

This helps to prevent rear end collisions caused by selecting the wrong gear or confusing the accelerator and brake pedals.

CROSSWIND Assist, comfort and safety during long distance drives

Power operated step for right load compartment sliding door

The addition of a large power retractable step made of weight-supporting aluminum and steel plate makes it easier, more comfortable, and more convenient to get in or out through the right-hand sliding load/passenger compartment door thanks to the reduced step height. 

This is an important advantage when operating on routes where people frequently have to get in and out or where cargo is frequently loaded or unloaded, for example when transporting deliveries or for passenger shuttle transfers, especially for children or older people.

The power-operated step deploys or retracts fully automatically when the sliding door is opened or closed

Interior luxury paneling

The luxury interior paneling with USB charging port and smartphone tray lends the passenger compartment a touch of prestige while also improving noise and thermal insulation. It is made of high-quality plastic with integrated, full fabric covering. 

At least one 5 V USB charging port and a smartphone stowage tray are available in each row of passenger seats. The 3rd row of seats even features 2 USB charging ports and 2 smartphone stowage trays

Front Air Conditioning: THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

Automatically maintains a pleasant climate in the cab, even in direct sunlight or in very high or very low outside temperatures. The temperature, ventilation intensity, and air distribution are regulated via sensors according to the pre-selected settings and continuously adapted to the current conditions. 

The integral de-humidification function offers reliable protection against foggy windows. All main functions are pre-set with the control element on the center console, the selected settings are shown on the display and, with the appropriate equipment feature, on the touchscreen. An integral particulate filter keeps out pollen and dust

Rear Air Conditioning: High-performance, roof-mounted climate control system

Maximum cooling power in the passenger compartment, individually controlled. 

Supplements the climate control system at the front with an additional 11 kW cooling output and ensures the highest level of comfort in the passenger compartment. It is particularly well-suited to regions with very hot temperatures.

The passengers can regulate their own airflow or switch off ventilation from their seats, using the air vents. The temperature and the 7 blower settings are set on the A/C control panel in the cockpit.

The temperature range is between 16°C and 26°C. 2 pollen and particulate filters also improve the interior air quality.

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