Sprinter Shuttle

Lane Keeping Assist

Helps to stay in lane. Lane Keeping Assist can help prevent accidents caused by unintentional lane departures with visual, audible and tactile signals.

Among other things, a vibration of the steering wheel prompts the driver to steer back into the lane.

This can reduce the risk of accident due to micro sleep or lack of concentration.

To this end, a camera that can recognize lane markings monitors whether the vehicle is drifting in its lane.

When Lane Keeping Assist detects an active driver input, for instance steering, braking, accelerating or actuating the turn indicator, the system does not emit a warning.

Other features and benefits of Lane Keeping Assist:

  • Analyses the pictures from the camera, which is centered behind the windscreen.

  • Lane markings are recognized by differences in contrast.

  • The functioning of the system is impaired or it may be unavailable if the lane markings are unrecognizable, for example due to poor visibility or a snow-covered road surface.

  • Speed range from about 60 km/h to top speed

  • There is no one-sided, course-correcting brake intervention by ESP® with Lane Keeping Assist as occurs with Active Lane Keeping Assist

  • Available for vehicles starting from a gross vehicle weight rating of 3500 kg

High-performance roof-mounted climate control system

Maximum cooling power in the passenger compartment, individually controlled.

The high-performance roof-mounted climate control system supplements the climate control system at the front with 11 kW additional cooling output and ensures the highest level of comfort in the passenger compartment.

It is particularly well-suited to regions with very hot temperatures.

The passengers can regulate the airflow from the air vents themselves from their seats and also switch off the ventilation.

The temperature and the 7 blower settings are set on the A/C control panel in the cockpit.

The temperature range is between 16 °C and 26 °C. Furthermore, 2 pollen and particulate filters improve the air quality in the interior.

Other features and benefits of the high-performance roof-mounted climate control system:

Steering wheel adjustable for height & tilt

More comfort and ergonomic sitting posture for the driver.

The steering wheel is adjustable for tilt and height to allow the steering wheel position to be adjusted to the individual seating position of the driver.

The adjustable steering wheel position improves ergonomics and seating comfort. The steering wheel can be quickly and easily adjusted to the particular driver after a driver change.

Other features and benefits of the steering wheel adjustable for tilt and height:

Crosswind Assist

Reduces the track offset with braking interventions.

Crosswind Assist detects track offset caused by strong crosswind gusts in due time and helps the driver to stay in lane. A sudden track offset of the vehicle can cause improper steering reactions by the driver. 

That’s why Crosswind Assist corrects the course of the vehicle automatically from a speed of 80 km/h. The track offset is therefore significantly reduced and the influence of the crosswind blasts is largely balanced out or reduced.

Other features and benefits of Crosswind Assist:

Reclinable man-made leather seats with 3 point seats belts as standard option
Electrical sliding door and electrical entry step for easier entry

Additional Shuttle equipment:

  • Colouring of A/C cover in vehicle colour in case it comes in standard colour

  • Cutting side window holes

  • Interior lighting

  • USB Ports in sidewalls

  • Hammers

  • Electrical step 50 cm

  • Curtains

  • Anti slip flooring

  • Covered side panels

  • Honeycomb light floor

  • Following heat measures

  • All side walls inside with high performance material isolated

  • Roof heat isolated

  • Back door heat isolated

  • Double glazing in all variants

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