Sprinter Panel Van
1.3 to 2.5 Ton Payload

Entry model Sprinter Panel van, with price starting from 141,500 SAR

The most adaptable van on the market.

With its enhanced cabin environment and the highest standard specification of any large van, the Sprinter is better, safer, and more versatile than ever. 

With over two decades on the road, the Sprinter loves to work. The vehicle with the “star” was launched back in 1995, marking the start of a completely new way of working.

Robustness, efficiency, and reliability – these are the traits behind the Sprinter’s success, which have made it a trailblazer and paradigm-setter over the years.

Sprinter Panel Van Design

The third generation of Sprinter vans boasts a progressive design plus the same comfort and safety features of passenger cars.

It also ensures maximum cost-effectiveness thanks to lower total operating costs and customer-oriented features.

It is so versatile that you are sure to find just the right variant for your transport tasks, and it looks so good that it’s sure to make a good impression.

Its versatility means you’re sure to find just the right variant for your transport needs, and the attractive design always make a good impression. Thanks to numerous vehicle variants and broad scope of equipment, this line includes everything from cost-effective, entry-level vehicles to panel vans and platform vehicles tailored precisely for specific operational requirements, as well as Tourers with exclusively appointed passenger compartments.

Easy on the eyes, even better for work.

The new Sprinter Panel Van’s eye-catching look follows the modern Mercedes-Benz design concept of Sensual Purity. The cockpit has also been redesigned with a winning combination of high-quality design and exceptional functionality, featuring an intelligent, modular storage compartment concept and KEYLESS-START. 

You can customize the cargo space to precisely suit your requirements, with practical options such as the interior roof rack, a weight-optimized plastic floor covering, and the loadable wheel arches. The optional pallet support in the step of the sliding door stabilizes the load, e.g. when cornering, and secures loads more effectively.

Other benefits include the wide range of drive system variants: depending on the operational profile and desired handling characteristics, you can order your Sprinter Panel Van with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. Gearshifting is either manual via a 6-speed manual transmission or automatic via the 7G-TRONIC PLUS transmission, a unique feature in this segment.

The vehicle for your road to success.

The Sprinter is designed for safety throughout. This starts with the body shell, which is particularly stable thanks to its construction and the material composition.

Several assistance systems take safety a step further. After all, even the most experienced driver can get into situations in which they may welcome or require extra support. 

Sprinter vans come with Crosswind Assist as standard and can be equipped with Active Brake Assist and Lane Keeping Assist . Three camera solutions, from the reversing camera with display in the interior rear-view mirror to the 360° camera, further enhance the driver’s seat’s good visibility upon request.

In the dark, the optional LED High Performance headlamps illuminate the roadway far and bright. In case of an emergency, standard airbags help to protect the driver in a collision. 5 further airbags are available for driver and co-driver upon request.

Sprinter Panel Van

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