Sprinter Panel Van
1.3 to 2.5 Ton

Standard roof or high roof options

The high roof increases the available space in the load or passenger compartment and allows people to stand upright inside the van. The tall door openings facilitate loading bulky cargo and ensure comfortable ingress and egress.

The Sprinter Panel Van’s high side walls significantly increase the volume of the load compartment. The inside height of the load compartment is about 1,940 mm. The rear end doors are 1,840 mm tall.

Thanks to the taller openings of the rear end doors, it is easier to load and unload tall, bulky items in particular

Crosswind Assist

Crosswind Assist detects track offset caused by strong crosswind gusts in time and helps the driver to stay in lane. A sudden track offset by the vehicle can cause improper steering reactions by the driver. That’s why Crosswind Assist automatically corrects the vehicle’s course from a speed of 80 km/h.

This significantly reduces track offset and balances or reduces the influence of the crosswind gusts. 

Double wing rear doors, opening to side wall

Doors are easier to lock thanks to self-locking hinges. 

The double-wing rear end doors can be opened all the way to the side wall and lock in place there automatically. This significantly facilitates the loading process in tight spaces, for example at loading docks. 

The open doors remain locked to the side wall and only minimally restrict visibility when reversing. The hinges lock automatically at 90 degrees as well as in the maximum opening position. As a result, rubber pads at the rear end doors and side walls are not needed 

Co-driver double seat

Plus 1 seat and 1 stowage compartment under the co-driver’s bench seat. On the co-driver’s side, a 2-seat co-driver’s bench seat is installed in place of a single seat. 

This provides an additional seat at the front, in the cockpit. Both seats of the bench are equipped with three-point seat belts and headrests.

The co-driver’s bench seat also offers a practical extra feature. The seat cushion can be flipped fully forward, and a large stowage compartment with dividers in the seat base under it securely holds the optional multi-function box, helmets, equipment items, clothes, or work boots, for example. 

Rear doorstep

The installation of a wide black step at the rear end of the vehicle makes getting in and out through the rear end doors easier, safer, and more comfortable.

It stretches across the entire width of the rear end door and is fitted with an anti-slip surface. The step can also be installed in conjunction with a trailer coupling

Front Air Conditioning: TEMPMATIC semi-automatic air conditioning

The semi-automatic TEMPMATIC climate control system increases comfort with pleasant interior temperatures and significantly contributes to the driver’s fitness and safety. Regardless of the outside temperature, even in bright sunlight, the selected interior temperature remains constant.

The air is dried during the temperature control process, which prevents the windows from fogging on the inside. An integral particulate filter further helps to keep out pollen and dust.

Other features and benefits of the semi-automatic TEMPMATIC climate control system:

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