Mercedes-Benz Camping Vehicles, Our solutions for unforgettable holiday!

With high-grade comfort, safety and connectivity, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Vans offer you the perfect basis for use as a Camping Vehicle (Mobile Chalet)

When you think of a camper van, what normally springs to mind is one of those slow-moving, heavy towable cabins you get stuck behind! Well, think again. because here are the best camper vans on the planet, ‘Mercedes-Benzes Sprinter’.


Luxury and camping are inclusive!

The Sprinter is the perfect camper van combo for traveling and leisure – for everyone who enjoys spontaneous and stylish adventuring – without having to forgo agility and driving comfort. The comfortable interior and technical features of our camper vans bring you to your dream destinations relaxed and in style. transform into a mobile chalet in a matter of moments.

With its vast scope of equipment, the feeling of quality on-board the Sprinter might leave you thinking you’re sitting in a passenger car. Particularly interesting features include the latest assistance systems, the MBUX multimedia system, comfort seats with the innovation in safety and convenient features, not to mention 4×4 All-wheel drive and the Off-Road tires.

Camping vehicle fever is sweeping the world. Travel through your accounts on social media, and you are sure to land on someone’s journey, now you can do it within the Kingdom from Jeddah to Umluj or AlUla in your private camping vehicle from Al Juffali.

In our camping vehicles features a miniature kitchen, bed, Toilet, and dining table, travelers can enjoy both the comfort of modern luxuries and the freedom of the wild outdoors. If you haven’t taken a campervan trip for yourself yet, it’s destined to make its way into your wishlist.


Adventure Camper Van

We have a camper that was designed with adventure in mind “Adventure Camper Van”.

The Adventure Campervan takes the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis to the next level, by adding 4×4 capabilities, making it perfect for chasing the road less traveled. Once you’ve reached your remote location, this camper helps you create the ideal outdoor setting with a powered patio awning to provide shade, complete with a light so you can stay out way after the sun has gone down.
Also mounted to the exterior of the van is a fold-down table, ideal for an outdoor dinner while watching the sunset.
inside The Adventure Campervan everything is stylish and modern, fitting neatly into its own space.
you will find all you need for a fantastic adventure, including kitchen space, dining/seating area, shower room with toilet and, of course, a comfortable bed.


Family Camper Van

Family Campervan is a van that brings together opposites to create total harmony: rest and play, eat and sleep, near and far. Whatever your adventure looks like, this van has got you covered. On the outside, this Sprinter Van chassis has been modified to create a family camping vehicle.

It has a safari roof rack, water storage, shower system, agile off-road wheels, a massive LED light bar mounted to the front of the roof rack and anti-glare window tinting.

Inside, this van is a comfortable tiny home, suitable for living in during all four seasons of the year. A generous kitchen with a fridge, sink, hob, storage and food preparation space takes up the central area inside the van, giving you the ability to prepare delicious meals wherever you are.

In front of the kitchen is a bench seat and table, with the driver and passenger seat swiveling to create a dining area. To the rear of the van is a large double bed with plenty of storage underneath.


*Disclaimer: The vehicle images shown may be an example only. Some vehicles are offered with optional equipment. Due to the many possible combinations of camper vehicle models, styles, colors, and options, the images of the vehicles on this site may not exactly match yours.

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