Zetros Highlights
Zetros Highlights

The Zetros is designed for use on poor roads and in rugged terrain. Its solid and robust chassis is based on the excellently coordinated, purpose-built and tested suspension, which ensures fast and safe driving on a wide variety of grounds. 

Off-road capability

  • Heavy-duty, flexible, and torsionally flexible frame

    Safe transport of heavy loads far beyond the beaten track.
    Smooth, vibration-reduced ride behavior off-road.

  • Permanent all-wheel drive for 6x6 and 4x4 model series

    High traction on loose ground.
    High pulling power in terrain and towing a trailer.

  • Mechanical differential locks, if required, engageable by the driver

    Traction can be individually adapted to the situation at hand
    Robust, durable design.

  • 2-stage transfer case with low-range ratio

    Boosts pulling power under extreme conditions; allows it to tackle gradients of up to 80% Reduces speed off-road.

Angle of approach

Model Zetros A 4x4 Zetros A 6x6
a) Ground clearance at front (mm) under axle
b) Ground clearance at rear (mm) under axle
c) Angle of approach (°)
d) Angle of departure (°) Dependent on superstructure
e) Breakover angle (°)
f) Tilting angle, static (°)
g) Degree of articulation (mm)
2 x 500 diagonal
2 x 500 diagonal
h) Climb gradient (°)

Fording capability

  • Sealed assemblies, protected from water

    Prevents ingress of water and fine sand
    Full sealing makes longer fording drives possible

  • Air intake pipe at cab roof level

    Reliable air supply even in turbulent water

Torsional flexibility

Angle of approach

Degree of articulation

Tilt angle, static (dependent on superstructure)

Break-Over angle

Axle Concept

Very high load-bearing capacity, robust design, and a long service life – these requirements are fully met by model series 7 axles. With over one million units manufactured and in use, the reliability of these axles has already been amply proven. 

The driven outer planetary axles with differential lock guarantee a high drive torque. Crown wheels with a diameter of 300 mm guarantee high ground clearance. Together with the long travel of the parabolic springs, this ensures the Zetros’s outstanding off-road capability. Robust stabilizers reduce rolling tendency, improving handling safety and comfort. It is possible to select a driven or non-driven front axle.

The Zetros uses wide-gap parabolic suspension springs: due to their low internal friction, these springs have a very soft and comfortable response.

Front axle 9.0 t, driven

Rear axle 16.0 t, driven with differential lock

Straight front axle, increased ground clearance [A1X] – Front axle 9.0 t, not driven


Zetros tank capacity.


290-liter steel main tank with 2 baffle plates and corrosion protection.

[K4Z] – 290-liter tank, on right, 650 x 565 x 950 mm, steel (standard).

High driving stability because the baffle plates stop the fuel from surging around inside the tank.

Durable thanks to internal tank coating, priming, and painting.


The Zetros Powertrain

The Engine Concept

The overall concept of the Zetros is also reflected in the engine: 

High output (265 to 375 kW), long maintenance intervals, and low service expenditure were the focus from the very start.

The Zetros is available as a 4×2/4×4 vehicle with a 6-cylinder in-line engine in the weight variants 16.5–22 tons. The 6×4/6×6 variants of the Zetros with 6-cylinder in-line engine are available as 25–40-ton weight variants. 

As a 3-axle semitrailer tractor powered by the OM 460 engine, with a permissible gross combination weight of up to 120 t, the Zetros offers enough reserves to be able to reliably transport the heaviest loads on multi-axle trailers far beyond paved roads.

The Transmission Concept

Reliability, performance, and a high overall gear ratio with a closely spaced range of gears are the demands placed on the transmission of a highly off-road capable truck such as the Zetros. To meet these requirements for the high output of the OM460 engine (265-375 kW), the Zetros is equipped with the 16-speed G260-16/11.7-0.69 manual transmission.

The fully synchronized 16-speed manual transmission offers the optimum conditions for achieving high output on the road or on the ground.

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