Unimog Chassis

With its unique off-road capabilities, the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 beats every rival – worldwide.

Its flexible frame ensures excellent rigidity on the road and great torsional flexibility off-road; its superior chassis concept includes an engageable four-wheel drive, differential locks in both axles, reduction gears for off-road driving, as well as portal axles for particularly high ground clearance.

From deep sand to high water, bogs, or scree – the Unimog transports your crew, materials, and heavy equipment quickly and safely to any location.

The U 4000/U 5000 frame: rigid on roads, flexible everywhere else.

At the heart of the Unimog U 4000/ U 5000’s uncompromising all-terrain capabilities is the flexible frame with tubular cross-members, which ensures the necessary rigidity on the road while allowing great torsional flexibility off-road.

This is provided by the three-point mounting of the cab, engine, and transmission, as well as the defined interfaces for mounting superstructures and implements. This means that even axle articulation of up to 30° is possible.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highly resilient offset frame for a low center of gravity and high driving stability off-road

  • Short frame overhang for steep angles of approach or departure

  • Safe and controlled driving in any situation

Thrust tube technology: for maximum diagonal torsion

The special thrust tube construction allows for extremely long spring travel and permits diagonal axle articulation of up to 30°. Since the thrust tube encloses the drive shaft, it is shielded from dirt and damage.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely long spring travel

  • Maximum diagonal torsion

  • Drive shaft protected over extremely muddy and rocky terrain

  • Wear-resistant and maintenance-free axle suspension

Manually engageable four-wheel drive: Powerful – off and on the road

With its rear-axle drive for driving on roads and the manually engageable four-wheel drive for off-road work, maximum traction is possible in every situation. On extremely difficult terrain, differential locks in both axles make sure the powertrain is working at full strength.

Even if only one wheel has sufficient traction, the Unimog still gets ahead and successfully tackles gradients of up to 100%.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Selectable rear-axle drive or four-wheel drive

  • Differential locks at front and rear can be engaged or disengaged with rotary switch while driving

  • No interruption of tractive force during gear shifting

  • All four wheels synchronized 100 % by locking effect in both axles

Short frame overhang: successful traverses over difficult terrain.

Thanks to its long-travel coil springs (instead of the typical leaf springs used by trucks), the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 has a short frame overhang at front and rear, enabling it to tackle even steep ramps and embankments with ease.

Its low center of gravity and extreme torsional flexibility provide additional security with respect to steep slopes and tipping angles.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Overcomes obstacles, hilltops, steep slopes and embankments easily

Portal axles: extreme off-roading made easy.

Portal axles are the secret behind the outstanding ground clearance of the Unimog U 4000/U 5000.

They cope with boulders and other obstacles up to half a meter high.

For increased traction over difficult terrain, a reduction gear on the wheel-hub drive allows for full torque transmission to the ground.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Outstanding ground clearance with a low vehicle center of gravity.

  • Axle tube and differential are clearly smaller than on a truck and are situated above the wheel center.

  • Differentials installed outside the center of the axle guarantee high ground clearance, even on tracks with deep ruts.

Axle suspension: keeping all four wheels firmly on the ground

One key advantage for off-road work is the axle suspension with thrust tube, control arm, and coil springs. This somewhat unusual type of suspension for an off-roader provides long spring travel and outstanding axle articulation.

Stabilizers at the front and rear ensure high cornering stability and safe driving.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Permanent surface contact for all four wheels, even over extremely uneven ground

  • Progressive spring characteristics ensure driving stability with any load

  • Very safe driving, even with bodies with a high center of gravity

Dual-circuit braking system plus ABS and ALB: safety in any situation.

Supported by compressed air, the dual-circuit disc braking system always bring the Unimog to a safe stop, even on long hills and with heavy loads. The braking system is perfectly reliable in any season, even after driving through mud and water. In difficult terrain, the wheels may build up a soil wedge and then become blocked, significantly decreasing the braking distance. To counter this, a disengageable anti-lock braking system (ABS) provides additional safety and driving stability. 

Advantages at a glance:

  • Effective spring-type parking brake requiring minimal operating strength

  • ABS control for each wheel

  • ALB – automatic braking force control which adjusts

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