The Unimog
Getting through where others give up

Where even four-wheel drive trucks reach their limits, a totally different kind of work and tractor vehicle takes over: the Unimog U 4000 / U 5000.

Why Unimog


Redefining versatility & viability on four wheels.


The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is in a league of its own, providing solutions which no other vehicle worldwide can offer. With its attachment and mounting areas at the front, middle, and rear, the Unimog offers unparalleled versatility. 

It is also more at home on off-road terrain than any other vehicle, and can drive at fast speeds on roads as a transporter

Superior in every situation and over any terrain.

Mercedes-Benz offers many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and increase the driver’s comfort. For even more safety, over 400 sensors are fitted on the truck to ensure safe and efficient driving.

Always Ready.


The Unimog U 4000/U 5000 is not just ready for any situation or terrain, it’s also designed for a long, cost-effective life. Reliability, a long life span, and cost-efficiency make the unique implement carrying  concept an unrivalled, future-proof vehicle.

Chassis design: unparalleled worldwide.

The Unimog is your ideal work and transport vehicle for even the most arduous conditions. Its exceptional off-road capability is made possible through a host of technical features, such as the flexible ladder-type frame, all-wheel drive with differential locks on both axles, and the tire pressure control system. With the Unimog, nothing can stand in the way of perfect off-road operations.

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