Arocs Construction Technical Specs


Standard warranty. 3 years or a mileage of 250,000 km – 1st year bumper-to-bumper, 2nd & 3rd year powertrain only.

Extended Warranty. Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers extended warranty packages so you can enjoy up to 5 years of peace of mind. With its comprehensive coverage, our post-warranty cost protection allows you to focus on your day-to-day business and avoid unforeseen expenses. Thanks to the exclusive use of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and expert technicians performing the repairs, you benefit from an increased vehicle resale value in addition to cost transparency and the opportunity to set your repair costs in advance. Extended warranty can be added in combination with a Best Maintenance package or as part of a Complete package.

Mercedes-Benz, Arocs Powertrain


The Arocs comes with a choice of two powerful cylinder in-line engines  complying with the Euro III emission norm: the 12.8-liter OM 460, designed for low fuel consumption, maximum longevity, and optimal performance.

The OM 460 engine is developed based on tried-and-tested technology and robust components, providing high torque levels at lower engine speeds. It is available in power output ratings from 360 hp to 476 hp.

PowerShift 3​

Superior dynamic response, simple handling and low fuel consumption: the automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort, and optimal cost effectiveness.

Various driving programs provide a powerful shifting strategy appropriate to the driving situations and the load carried at the time. Each driving program consist of four transmission modes: standard, manual, and two specific modes selected with the driving program.

The Arocs is equipped with the “Economy/Power” drive program as standard. The “Economy” drive program is intended for use in long-distance haulage and contributes to even greater efficiency.

Maximum power can be called up at any time, for example on uphill slopes, via the “Power” drive program. With its automated and intelligent shifting, Mercedes PowerShift 3 protects the powertrain, significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs and thus contributing to the profitability of your business.

Mercedes-Benz, Arocs Brake & Clutch


In addition to the proven electronic braking systems with disengageable ABS, ASR, Brake Assist, and hill holder, powerful, wear-free engine brakes provide added safety.

The Arocs can additionally be fitted with the wear-free, continuous High-Performance Engine Brake This three-stage brake system, which offers up to 480 kW of brake power, reduces wear on the service brake while enhancing safety and control of the vehicle. 

For even greater safety, the Actros can be equipped with the new, high-performance secondary water retarder.

This retarder offers increased brake power, higher average speeds on downhill stretches, and less weight than conventional oil retarders.

In addition, the Turbo Retarder Clutch is also available.

This combines the functions of a hydrodynamic start-up clutch and a primary retarder in a single component and enables particularly powerful, responsive, and wear-free starts, maneuvering for any duration at low revs and full torque of up to 3000 Nm.

A great variety of clutches: tailor-made for all applications.

Thanks to our wide range of clutches, we can offer the best equipment for your needs to help increasing the clutch lifetime. The single, 430 mm diameter plate clutch is standard for trucks below 2,600 Nm engine power. The dual plate, 2x 40 mm diameter clutch is standard for trucks above 2,600 Nm engine power and ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The turbo retarder clutch is unique in the world of trucks, and delivers excellent start-off ability at high loads and difficult terrain, without overheating. 

The wear-free hydraulic turbo retarder clutch offers maximum stability when starting and maneuvering with very high gross combination weights and torque levels, increasing the efficiency for high GCW and rough transport tasks. It also serves as a retarder, thus providing for additionally enhanced safety as well as reducing running costs.

Mercedes-Benz, Arocs Cab & Chassis



Off-road, on unsurfaced or paved roads – the axles on the Arocs are impressive performers in every type of operation. 


Excellent body-mounting capability.

The frame’s consistent 50 mm hole pattern provides the basis for the Actros’s high body-mounting capability. Other assets include a wide range of wheelbases, frame overhangs and end cross-members selectable ex factory  and a broad selection of tank variants.

These include combination tanks for diesel and hydraulic oil. Good body-mounting capability is additionally supported by the parameterizable special module1) and pre-installations and consoles which are available ex factory .

Ideal framework. The frame is available in two different widths and with frame strength up to 9 mm. This allows the truck to be tailored to suit the most diverse requirements in any application. 

Chassis frame.

The narrow frame, with a width of 744 mm and a longitudinal member thickness of 8 or 9 mm, is made of cold formed, high-strength fine-grained steel for use in vehicles designed for construction sites and for off-road driving. This ensures the highest reliability and torsional flexibility even in difficult conditions. 

When the Arocs is used primarily on the road, the 90 mm wider (total width of 834 mm) and more rigidly configured frame up to 8 mm in thickness with rear air suspension provides for a particularly good combination of driving dynamics and handling performance.

Outstanding corrosion protection of the frame thanks to cathodic dip priming further contributes to a robust vehicle construction.

Variable frame overhangs. Factory-fitted frame overhangs, which be selected in 300 mm increments, together with an end cross-member which can be moved in 50 mm increments (up to 150 mm), increase ease of body mounting and reduce mounting costs.

Mercedes-Benz, Arocs Ground Clearance

As an all-wheel-drive semitrailer tractor, platform vehicle, concrete mixer, or tipper – the Arocs covers practically all requirements.

A higher frame and optimized approach and departure angles provide all Arocs trucks with high ground clearance.

For a better breakover angle, diesel tanks with a smaller cross-section are used.

The range of different front and rear axles available in job-specific variants further ensure high ground clearance.

Depending on the type of application and chassis, front axles with varying offsets and with a permissible front axle load of up to 9 t are available.

The particularly robust planetary axles with a load capacity of up to 16 t also offer high ground clearance.

Mercedes-Benz, Arocs Equipment

Engine cooling and air intake.

The further improved cooling and air intake system of the Arocs is designed to withstand even the harshest and most demanding climate conditions.

Thanks to the air intake optimally positioned at the top part of the cabin and the newly developed cyclone pre-filter, up to 80% of dust and large particles are removed before reaching the air filter. 

This increases the lifetime of the air filter significantly, contributing to a reduction in maintenance costs.

Gearbox PTO - N2E

Gearbox-dependent and shiftable. Mounted on the gearbox countershaft. For driving vacuum pumps/compressors with high torque via a propshaft. The OM 460 engine is developed based on tried-and-tested technology and robust components, providing high torque levels at lower engine speeds. It is available in power output ratings from 360 hp to 476 hp.

The PTO NA 123-10b with propshaft drive flange for low speeds is gearbox-dependent and shiftable. It is mounted on the gearbox countershaft, which drives it via a 2-shaft spur-gear drive. It cannot be fitted in conjunction with a Telma retarder or vehicles with low frame height. 

Technical data:

Low-cost PTO with high torque for operating vacuum pumps and compressors via an additional propshaft

Suspension variants

For particularly good load capacity and ride comfort, the Arocs features a robust, durable steel suspension. The tried-and-tested rough road springs are now equipped with an innovative, reinforced rear axle guide and additionally with reinforced center bearings. Therefore, excellent rough road capability is guaranteed.

This includes weight variants which allow 40 t GVW (gross vehicle weight) for 6×4 vehicles and 48 t for 8×4 vehicles. 

The Arocs is also available with 4-bellows air suspension – offering a load-bearing capacity of up to 20 t for 4×2 vehicles and up to 33 t for 6×4 vehicles.

Steel suspension. The steel suspension on the Arocs boasts a robust, solid design, high resilience, and a load capacity of up to 18 t. With the parabolic spring assemblies and corresponding, precisely matched shock absorbers and stabilizers, you are all set for whatever your operations hold in store.

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