Arocs 3342/45 Rigid chassis

The Arocs combines power, robustness and efficiency in a unique way, impressively continuing the tradition of Mercedes-Benz construction industry vehicles while bringing them into the future with innovative technology. In short: the Arocs can deliver everything that working life demands of it, and more.

Why Arocs?

Reliable in every aspect.

The Arocs meets every aspect of reliability in terms of technical features, production and testing. The drivetrain development and production are 100 percent made by Mercedes-Benz, ensuring everything meets the highest Mercedes-Benz standards. 

Thanks to vehicle-specific test programs enduring global testing with simulation real-life situations were completed. Extensive testing with more than 40 Mio. kilometers rough road, more than 6 Mio. kilometers regional testing in Abu Dhabi and more than 23 Mio. kilometers testing the durability, ensure that the Arocs is your reliable partner on and off the road.

Hard shell, hard core. Robustness redefined.

The different drive variants of the Arocs offer an optimum, particularly robust and resilient vehicle for every challenge in construction and off-road transport. The solid vehicle structure with cold-formed, high tensile steel frame, rigid plate cross member, reinforced centre bearing guarantee that the Arocs can and will face any challenge.

The cabs of the Arocs impress with their practical design, robustness and safety. At first glance. With every individual detail. And whenever it really counts. All the robustness and reliability of the Arocs is reflected in the cabs. In the durable cab bodyshell – which is comprised 100 percent of fully galvanised sheet metal panels – and to an equal extent in the athletic, powerful design.

Athletic, Powerful Exterior Design

The radiator grille designed in a bucket tooth look lends the Arocs a striking, unmistakeable face and underlines its power. Even at first glance it is clear where the Arocs is at home: in off-road and construction sites. 

Another eye-catching touch is added through the standard-fit, grooved exterior mirror trim which is not only an appealing design element, but also prevents damage to the mirror and thus increases safety. The fact that the cabs are manufactured from 100 percent fully galvanized sheet metal panels is a further impressive feature of the Arocs.

Suitable Applications​

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