Arocs 3342/45 Rigid chassis

Standard warranty. 3 years or a mileage of 250,000 km “1st Year bumper to bumper while 2nd & 3rd Year powertrain only”.

Extended Warranty. Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers you extended warranty packages that enable you to enjoy up to 5 years peace of mind. With its comprehensive coverage, our post warranty cost protection allows you to focus on your day-to-day business and avoid unforeseen expenses. Thanks to the exclusive use of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and expert technicians performing the repairs, you benefit from an increased vehicle resale value in addition to cost transparency and the Opportunity to fix your repair costs in advance. Extended warranty can be added in combination with a Best Maintenance package or as part of a Complete package.

Mercedes-Benz, Arocs Powertrain


The Arocs comes with a choice of two powerful cylinder in-line engines complying with the Euro III emission norm: the 12.8-liter OM 460, designed for low fuel consumption, maximum longevity and optimal performance.

The OM 460 engine is developed based on tried-and tested technology and robust components, providing high torque levels at lower engine speeds. It is available in power output ratings from 360 hp to 476 hp.

PowerShift 3​

Superior dynamic response, simple handling and low fuel consumption: the automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort and optimal economy. 

Various driving programs provide a convincing shifting strategy appropriate to the driving situations and the load carried at the time. Each driving program consist of four transmission modes: standard, manual and two specific modes selected with the driving program. 

The Arocs is equipped with the “Economy/Power” drive program as standard. The “Economy” drive program is intended for use in long-distance haulage and contributes to even greater efficiency. 

The maximum power can be called up at any time, for example on uphill gradients, via the “Power” drive program. With its automated and intelligent shifting, Mercedes PowerShift 3 protects the powertrain, significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs and thus contributing to the profitability of your business.

Mercedes-Benz, Arocs Brake & Clutch


In addition to the proven electronic braking systems with disengageable ABS, ASR, Brake Assist and hill holder, powerful, wear-free engine brakes provide added safety.

The Arocs can additionally be fitted with the wear-free continuous High Performance Engine Brake. This threestage brake system offering up to 480 kW of brake power reduces wear on the service brake while enhancing safety and control of the vehicle. For even greater safety, the Actros can be equipped with the new, high-performance secondary water retarder. 

This retarder offers increased brake power, higher average speeds on downhill stretches and less weight than conventional oil retarders. Beyond this, the Turbo Retarder Clutch is also available.

This combines the functions of a hydrodynamic start-up clutch and a primary retarder in a single component and enables particularly powerful, responsive and wear-free moving off, maneuvering for any duration at low revs and full torque of up to 3000 Nm.

A great variety of clutches - tailor made for all applications.

Due to our various range of clutches we can offer the best equipment for your task to help increasing the clutch lifetime. The single plate clutch with 430 mm diameter is standard for trucks below 2,600 Nm engine power.

The dual plate clutch with 2 x 400 mm diameter is standard for trucks above 2,600 Nm engine power and your solution for heavy duty applications.

Unique in the truck world is the turbo retarder clutch for excellent start-off ability at high loads and difficult terrain without clutch overheating. The wear-free hydraulic turbo retarder clutch offers maximum stability when moving off and maneuvering with very high gross combination weights and torque levels, increasing the efficiency for high GCW and rough transport tasks. It also serves as a retarder, thus providing for additionally enhanced safety as well as reducing running costs.

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