Actros Long Haulage
2042S/LS & 3342S/LS

The Actros is characterized by superb driving dynamics thanks to its optimum balance between comfort, direct road feel, and very good drivability and control: in order to achieve this, many of the components for the drive system, chassis, and suspension were redeveloped and significant improvements were made to tried-and-tested elements.

Why Actros?


Actros Long Haulage Applications.


The Actros offers a wide selection of different applications. Strong & rugged, it meets all the varied requirements throughout the region.

Technical Specs

Operators who earn their money in road transportation need absolute reliability. In other words: trucks they can count on. This applies to engines, gearshifts, transmissions, and drive axles as well as frames, chassis, suspension, and cabs.

Everything is perfectly matched in order to meet all requirements reliably, even in extreme conditions.


Actros Long Haulage Economy.


The Actros also meets the highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on its particularly low fuel consumption. Low wear and tear and a higher resale value are additional merits contributing to its outstanding overall efficiency.

Safety Features

Mercedes-Benz offers many safety and assistance systems to reduce risks and increase the driver’s comfort. For even more safety, over 400 sensors are fitted on the truck to ensure safe and efficient driving.


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