Actros Long Haulage
Technical Specifications

Longhaulage Tractor Heads Main Specs

Wheel Drive 4x2 6x4
Steel - Steel
Steel / Air
Steel / Steel / Steel
Steel / Air / Steel
Axle Capacity
FA: 8t-9t
FA: 8t-9t
FA: 8t-9t
FA: 8t-9t
RA: 13t-18t
RA: 13t
RA1/2: 13t-18t
RA1/2: 13t
Horse Power
421 HP
Powershift 12 Forward speeds / 4 reverse speeds
L Cab
M / L Cab
Tyre Size
22,5 / 24
22,5 / 24


Extended Warranty. Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers extended warranty packages so you can enjoy up to 5 years of peace of mind. 

With its comprehensive coverage, our post-warranty cost protection allows you to focus on your day-to-day business and avoid unforeseen expenses. 

Thanks to the exclusive use of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and expert technicians performing the repairs, you benefit from an increased vehicle resale value in addition to cost transparency and the opportunity to set your repair costs in advance. 

Extended warranty can be added in combination with a Best Maintenance package or as part of a Complete package.

Mercedes-Benz, Actros Powertrain


The Actros comes with a choice of two powerful 6-cylinder in-line engines complying with the Euro III emission norm: the 12.8-liter OM 460 and the 15.6-liter OM 473, both designed for low fuel consumption, maximum longevity, and optimal performance. The OM 460 engine is developed on the basis of tried-and tested technology and robust components, providing high torque levels at lower engine speeds.

It is available in power output ratings from 360 hp to 476 hp. The newly developed OM 473 engine ranges from 517 hp to 578 hp and it combines best performance with optimized fuel efficiency.  The OM 473 also features the unique X-Pulse common rail high-pressure injection system with an injection pressure of up to 2,700 bar and the patented asymmetric turbocharger.

PowerShift 3​

Superior dynamic response, simple handling, and low fuel consumption: the automated transmission ensures precise gear selection, short shift times, high driving comfort, and optimal cost-effectiveness.

Various driving programs provide a convincing shifting strategy appropriate to the driving situations and the load carried at the time.

Each driving program consist of four transmission modes: standard, manual, and two specific modes selected with the driving program.

The Actros is equipped with the “Economy/Power” drive program as standard. The “Economy” drive program is intended for use in long-distance haulage and contributes to even greater efficiency.

Maximum power can be called up at any time, for example on uphill slopes, via the “Power” drive program. With its automated and intelligent shifting, Mercedes PowerShift 3 protects the powertrain, significantly reducing maintenance and operating costs and thus contributing to the profitability of your business.

Mercedes-Benz, Actros Cabs & Chassis

Cab variants

With a total of 22 cab variants available, from the 2.3m wide S-cab with engine tunnel to the 2.5m wide L-cab with flat floor, the cabs meet all the requirements encountered in on-road and mixed road transport. The cabs feature a winning combination of practical orientation, comfort, resilience, and design.

Classic Space M-cab​
Classic Space L-cab​
Stream Space L-cab​

Chassis, Tires & Rims

Actros 2042S/LS Actros 3342S/LS
Wheel Drive
3900 mm
Front Tyre
Michelin 385/65 R 22.5 or 325/95 R 24
Rear Tyre
Michelin 315/80 R 22.5
2 x Michelin 315/80 R 22.5

or 2x 325/95 R 24
Drop center 9.00 x 22.5 or advance 8.5 x 24
Rear Mudguards with drop center

Weights in tons approx

Actros 2042 Actros 3342
Wheel Drive
Net Vehicle Weight (kerb)
7.4 ton
9.3 ton
Front Axle Capacity
8 ton
8 ton
Rear Axle Capacity
13.4 ton
2x13.4 ton
Playload/5th Wheel
14 ton
24 ton
21 ton / 45 ton
33 ton / 120 ton

Actros 2042S/LS Dimensions

Actros 3342S/LS Dimensions

Actros PTO and 5th wheel

Gearbox-dependent and shiftable. Mounted on the gearbox countershaft. For driving vacuum pumps/compressors with high torque via a propshaft.

Low-cost PTO with high torque for operating vacuum pumps & compressors via an additional propshaft

The PTO NA 123-10b with propshaft drive flange for low speeds is gearbox-dependent and shiftable. It is mounted on the gearbox countershaft, which drives it via a 2-shaft spur-gear drive. It cannot be fitted in conjunction with a Telma retarder or vehicles with low frame height.

Technical data:

A heavy-duty fifth wheel coupling for operation under arduous conditions.

The well-known JOST locking device, together with the maintenance free cardan mounting, ensures a high degree of stability and safety on the road and off-road.

The 7-degree lateral movement can be reduced to zero degree for normal road operation.

This fifth wheel is available for use with 3.5″ & 2″ kingpins.

The conversion of 2″, 3″ & 3.5″ locking mechanism or vice versa can easily be carried out with standard tools, without removing the fifth wheel coupling from the tractive unit. Suitable for all types of rear axle steering systems.


Mercedes-Benz, Actros Equipment

Multimedia Cockpit

The Actros features the innovative Multimedia Cockpit for enhanced driving comfort, ergonomics, and ease of operation.

The primary color display and the secondary touch display can be operated via the new multifunction steering wheel with Touch Control buttons.

 Multimedia Cockpit is optional equipment

Engine cooling and air intake.

The further improved cooling and air intake system of the Actros is designed to master even the harshest and most demanding climate conditions.

Thanks to the air intake optimally positioned at the top part of the cabin and the newly developed cyclone pre-filter, up to 80% of dust and large particles are removed before reaching the air filter.

This increases the lifetime of the air filter significantly, contributing to a reduction in maintenance costs.

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