Actros Long Haulage
Economy Specifications

The Actros also meets the highest standards of efficiency, based first and foremost on its particularly low fuel consumption. Low wear and tear and a higher resale value are additional merits contributing to its outstanding overall efficiency.


Fuel efficiency.


Low on fuel, high on efficiency. With significant fuel savings and its new 6-cylinder in-line engines, the Actros is a particularly cost-effective option.

Further fuel savings can be achieved by changing from a manual shift to Mercedes PowerShift3.

Axles, auxiliary consumers.

A wide choice of rear axle ratios paired with various operating profiles also helps keep fuel consumption low.

Cost-effective auxiliary consumers, such as the on-demand power steering pump and new air-conditioning unit, also contribute to low fuel consumption.

Aerodynamically efficient.

The design of the Actros has been optimized right down to the smallest details in order to reduce wind resistance. Engineers even developed a special cab variant with an aerodynamically optimized design, which reduces fuel consumption: the StreamSpace cab. Features such as the door extensions4), aerodynamic attachments2) and tire pressure monitoring2) also save fuel.

It always pays to own a Mercedes-Benz. That also holds true when it comes to selling it.

Our trucks are especially cost-effective vehicles. Not to mention the attractive Mercedes-Benz services and the expected high residual value at the end of their service life, which also ensure low costs.

Owning and operating a new Actros earns you an average of 28% savings compared to a previous generation Actros. Below is a table of the average potential savings when comparing a new Actros with previous Actros generations.

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