Travego Bus
Travel like the stars

There are coaches. And then there are Mercedes-Benz coaches. In today’s fiercely competitive market, the Star makes the difference, giving you that decisive edge – and the good feeling of having done your best for the future of your company. No other bus gives you top class travel like this one: the Travego.

Safety from A to Z.

To thoroughly implement this safety thinking, the Mercedes-Benz integral concept covers all phases of automotive safety; from driver safety through dealing with critical situations to accident prevention and measure for protecting the occupants in the event of an accident.

Among its exceptional innovations the Active Brake System (ABA), the Front Collision Guard (FCG) and the cornering light function can be mentioned.

Long since a matter of course are all the other safety systems in the Travego: the anti-lock braking system (ABS), acceleration slip regulation (ASR), electronic stability program (ESP®), brake assist system (BAS), lane departure warning system (LDW) and continuous braking limiter (DBL).

An oasis for your passengers.

Travelling in the Travego is something special. Comfort and design combine to create stylish surroundings, turning ‘getting there‘ into the first highlight of the tour. 

The modern design of the new seats is visually more appealing and noticeably more comfortable. They sport a side panel and support arm of high-grade aluminium. 

The new elegant armrest is large and economically shaped. The mechanism for adjusting the seats and folding back the re-sculpted backrest is intuitive to operate and could not be simpler.

Made by Mercedes-Benz.

Can the outstanding be made even better? The Travego is the best proof. It embodies everything Mercedes-Benz stands for. But one thing above all: quality. A bus like the Travego is not built just anywhere. 

It is manufactured in one of the most modern bus production plants in the world with many steps for improving and assuring quality. 

That includes, for example, cathodic dip priming (KTL) of the entire body skeleton. It provides the Travego with long term anti-corrosion protection – and protects the value of your investment along the way.

Stylish however you look at it.

As the flagship Mercedes-Benz, the Travego earns your company wide recognition wherever you go. 

It not only impresses with its cutting-edge technology, quality, comfort but also stylish design.

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