Travego Features

Wherever it appears, the Travego draws attention. No wonder, with a front like this: dynamic headlamps, elegant front panel, and the confident star in the center combine to make an unforgettable, inviting ‘’smile’’. 

Who can resist that? Especially since the Travego also looks striking from the side: with clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, a distinctive, curved B-pillar, and slanted rear wheel arches.

An all-around great appearance. 

Travego Safety

ABA can save lives: if the Active Brake Assist (also known as the emergency braking aid) recognizes the acute danger of a rear-end collision with a slow vehicle ahead, it makes a full brake application after emitting an escalating warning signal.

The Active Brake Assist is based on the DISTRONIC. 

It uses the DISTRONIC’s radar sensor, which uses three radar joints to recognize any obstacles which come within a defined area in front of the bus. The distance and relative speed to the preceding vehicle are continuously measured and analyzed.

Front Collision Guard (FCG) is a unique, passive safety system for protecting the driver and tour guide in the event of a front collision. It begins with a transverse profile which creates an underride guard to protect other road users in the event of an accident and can for example intercept a passenger car.

The frame under this profile is composed of crash elements which absorb energy in a targeted manner if impact occurs.

With the help of a camera system behind the windscreen, the Lane Assistant (SPA) recognizes when the vehicle is in danger of inadvertently straying from the traffic lane. 

The SPA continually monitors the distance of the bus to the lane marker lines on the road surface. If the vehicle starts drifting towards the marker lines, the driver is warned via pulsating on the corresponding side of the seat. 

The SPA is activated from a speed of 70 km/h and switches off when the indicator is activated, for example when the driver initiates an intentional lane change.

Travego Comfort

The new generation of coach seats.

The Travego also impresses passengers with its attractive coach seating. The modern design of the seats is visually more appealing and noticeably more comfortable. The side panel and support arm are made of high-grade aluminum. 

The elegant new armrest is large and ergonomically shaped. The mechanism for adjusting the seats and folding back the newly sculpted backrest is more intuitive than ever to operate. In the zero position, a more upright backrest angle makes it easier for passengers to stand up.


From music to films, the Travego offers a wide range of high-quality options to entertain your passengers. The impressive sound system is a treat for the ears. Radio and CD options along with a DVD player come as part of the standard specifications. 

And if you want to make things even easier, simply replace the DVD player with a DVD changer. Two 19-inch flat screens round off the audio/video equipment, providing a first-class feast for the eyes from any seat.

Travego Quality

Components & Parts

Each part of the Travego is thoroughly tested before it goes into production. And after each production stage, strict checks ensure a perfect finish. 

Ultimately, the Mercedes-Benz quality philosophy also sets out to continually test and optimize manufacturing processes. And incidentally, deadline compliance for delivery is equally part of our quality standards. 

So that you can count on being able to include your Travego in your upcoming schedule. The Active Brake Assist is based on the DISTRONIC.

It uses the DISTRONIC’s radar sensor, which has three radar joints to recognize any obstacles which come within a defined area in front of the bus. The distance and relative speed to the vehicle ahead are continuously measured and analyzed.


The Travego sets standards. It boasts outstanding environmental credentials both in terms of production and operations: the cathodic dip priming process is largely solvent-free. 

Economical, low-emission engines along with the long maintenance intervals also deliver environmental benefits. And if, after a long, successful life, the Travego comes to the end of its road, many of its components can be recycled. 

Quality thought through to the end: hallmark Mercedes-Benz.

Travego Design

The new class in your fleet.

As the flagship Mercedes-Benz bus, the Travego earns your company wide recognition wherever you go. It makes a statement through cutting-edge technology, quality, and comfort as well as stylish design.

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