MCV 600

The MCV-600: State-of-the-art super high deck coach

MCV 600 is a magnificent superstar that commands attention wherever it goes. This luxurious super high decker is made for the creme de la creme traveling long distances. It retains world-class comfort standards for VIP visitors and sports team celebrities.

The MCV-600 at a glance.

The MCV-600 superstar has a dazzling design and a high-end Mercedes-Benz rear engine. This star carrier holds fifty seats (49+1) and an elegant restroom. 

Passengers ride in delight on an air suspension chassis, entertained throughout the trip by movies on LCD monitors. 

This spacious superstar has an enormous luggage compartment. It pampers its driver with a convenient and relaxing sleeping section. 

The MCV-600 superstar also provides a rear view camera for first-class security.

MCV-600 comes with 49 seats and luggage capacity of 13 cubic meter (without toilet & sleeping compartment)

Versatile and immensely durable

Dynamic, practical, and with style written all over it, our latest flagship is wider, longer, higher and considerably more spacious than comparable players. Like every product of our academy, the MCV 600 is versatile and immensely durable, ready to withstand all what fans can throw at it. It stands out by being comfortable and accommodating.

Its free-flowing lines grab the attention in very corner, and its sheer power and strength ensure a long-running success story.

The leading role of a bus, of course, is to carry passengers. In preparing for this role, the MCV 600 reveals its true star qualities. Luxury, comfort and practicality feature strongly throughout.

State-of-the-art seats adjust for rake and width, and large tinted windows offer passengers a panoramic view.

The MCV-600 Specs & Dimensions


Air Conditioning

Interior & Exterior Accessories

The MCV-600 Dimensions

Wheelbase Overall length
5,980 mm
12,220 mm
Overall Width Overall Height with AC
2,550 mm
3,815 mm

A closer look on the MCV-600

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