MCV 400

The MCV-400: A Worthy Journey

Offering an unparallel combination of luxury, comfort and cost effectiveness, the MCV 400 coach makes an excellent investment. This bus is a highly versatile vehicle that answers the needs of modern urban travelers, providing them with a travel experience that they can truly appreciate.

The MCV-400 at a glance.

Ideal for intercity short and middle-range journeys, the MCV 400 is built to endure the high demands of inter-city transportation while providing unrivalled levels of luxury and comfort to passengers. 

Boasting an exceptionally high deck, this bus is also remarkably stable and smooth. With sophisticated air suspension systems, it is easy to see why the MCV 400 is preferred by the international tourism industry, and tour operators.

The MCV 400 provides passengers with a wide range of features that make their ride truly enjoyable. The fully accessorized, side moving reclining seats offer comfort within 3 seating layouts, and the fine trimming and ample parcel racks offer the passengers a hassle-free experience all through their journey.

MCV-400 comes with 49 seats and 5 cubic meters luggage capacity

The MCV-400 Specs & Dimensions

Quality is built in

Based on proven Mercedes-Benz motors, chassis and running gear, this versatile people mover has been tailor-made to accommodate the various needs of several different transport segments – public, school, executive and tourists.

Interior Design

The deck is covered by a non-skid synthetic material on aisle and under passenger seats. Regular interior trim. Partitions are provided behind the driver & behind the passenger’s door. 2 parcel racks for hand luggage Sliding curtains on both sides.


Air Conditioning

Interior Design

The MCV-400 Dimensions

Wheelbase Overall length
5,950 mm
11,800 mm
Overall Width Overall Height with AC
2,550 mm
3,590 mm

A closer look on the MCV-400

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