MCV 260

The MCV-260 is an urban transporter.

This reliable vehicle is built for the city and maneuvers its ins and outs like the pro that it is. It is designed for employee or group short distance rides and intercity transport of 150 to 200 kilometers per trip.

The MCV-260 at a glance.

MCV-260 resilient 140 horsepower engine drives on the road with ease. It ensures high quality comfort standards with personal AC units for each passenger. 

This efficient transporter is (8.5) meters long, holds a large luggage compartment of three cubic meters and 32 seats in addition to the driver. 

With a dual air braking system and exhaust brakes, the MCV-260 transports its passengers safely through the country.

Low operational costs and durability are among the main characteristics of the MCV 260 coach. 

This vehicle ensures productivity and peace-of-mind. The availability of spare parts and the ease of maintenance make it an incomparable investment.

The MCV-260 Specs & Dimensions

Quality is built in

Based on proven Mercedes-Benz motors, chassis and running gear, this versatile people mover has been tailor-made to accommodate the various needs of several different transport segments – public, school, executive and tourists.

Interior Design

The deck is covered by a non-skid synthetic material on aisle and under passenger seats. Regular interior trim. Partitions are provided behind the driver & behind the passenger’s door. 2 parcel racks for hand luggage Sliding curtains on both sides.

Engine & Axles

Air Conditioning

Interior Design

The MCV-260 Dimensions

Wheelbase Overall length
4,800 mm
9,485 mm
Overall Width Overall Height with AC
2,400 mm
3,100 mm

A closer look on the MCV-260

A closer look on the MCV-260

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