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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts benefit you with more than one hundred years’ experience in parts manufacturing. Added to this is the five decades of partnership between Mercedes-Benz & JIPCO in Saudi Arabia. This is reflected by our parts portfolio, which has grown to 100,000 Line items for Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Drive on with no downtimes – we cover you for 12 months

With Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts purchased from JIPCO, you can look forward to one year of stress-free driving. Thanks to our standard 12-month, unlimited mileage warranty on all Mercedes-Benz Trucks Genuine Parts fitted in one of our Kingdom-wide workshops. 

JIPCO Parts Network

In order to keep your business up & running, we have invested in a large network of Parts facilities across the Kingdom. JIPCO owns 3S (Sales, Service, Spare parts), 2S (Service & Spare parts) facilities, and, for fast moving items, 1S facilities (Spare Parts Outlets) in all regions of Saudi Arabia. In addition, a large network of more than 35 parts resellers ensures that Mercedes-Benz Genuine Spare Parts are always available at outlets near you.

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How many loads can a genuine airspring withold?

How much longer do Mercedes Benz genuine break Discs last compared to counterfeits? What does this mean in terms of overall cost?

Mercedes Trucks place special emphasis on the development of what feature?

Brake linings tests revealed that Mercedes Benz breaks last for how many thousands Kilometres for long distance haulage and contraction work?

Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts – A Sustainable Solution

Why not enjoy the second life of a quality Mercedes-Benz part?

This boosts sustainability and provides you with an additional earning or benefit. With Mercedes-Benz Re-manufactured Parts, genuine quality now comes at an affordable price. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Re-manufactured Parts cut costs without reducing quality. 

In a thorough, careful manufacturing process, each part is re-manufactured, checked, and tested in accordance with strict Mercedes-Benz standards. The savings achieved from raw materials and energy is passed on to you as a price advantage. The result is a wide, constantly updated range of Genuine Re-manufactured Parts products.

For more information, please contact out field sales team or reach us at +966 56 930 0552 to connect to our Parts Sales Support Representative.

Filters Kit Package Special Offer

Save up to 43% with Juffali filters kit package offer for Mercedes-Benz Actros MP2 and MP3 trucks.

Package level Mega Kit Medium Kit Kick-off Kit

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103 new part items available now for Actros MP4

To support the superb driving dynamics of the Mercedes-Benz Actros truck, JIPCO is always working tirelessly to ensure the availability of genuine parts to its customers in order to maximize trucks operational efficiency and in turn, maximize the financial benefits. Get to know the newly offered part line items for Actors MP4. Download Parts List Now!
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