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Secure the future of your Mercedes-Benz Truck

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts benefit you with more than one hundred years’ experience in parts manufacturing. Added to this is the five decades of partnership between Mercedes-Benz & JIPCO in Saudi Arabia. This is reflected by our parts portfolio, which has grown to 100,000 Line items for Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Drive on with no downtimes – we cover you for 12 months

With Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts purchased from JIPCO, you can look forward to one year of stress-free driving. Thanks to our standard 12-month, unlimited mileage warranty on all Mercedes-Benz Trucks Genuine Parts fitted in one of our Kingdom-wide workshops. 

JIPCO Parts Network

In order to keep your business up & running, we have invested in a large network of Parts facilities across the Kingdom. JIPCO owns 3S (Sales, Service, Spare parts), 2S (Service & Spare parts) facilities, and, for fast moving items, 1S facilities (Spare Parts Outlets) in all regions of Saudi Arabia. In addition, a large network of more than 35 parts resellers ensures that Mercedes-Benz Genuine Spare Parts are always available at outlets near you.

Customer Support

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Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts – A Sustainable Solution

Why not enjoy the second life of a quality Mercedes-Benz part?

This boosts sustainability and provides you with an additional earning or benefit. With Mercedes-Benz Re-manufactured Parts, genuine quality now comes at an affordable price. Mercedes-Benz Genuine Re-manufactured Parts cut costs without reducing quality. 

In a thorough, careful manufacturing process, each part is re-manufactured, checked, and tested in accordance with strict Mercedes-Benz standards. The savings achieved from raw materials and energy is passed on to you as a price advantage. The result is a wide, constantly updated range of Genuine Re-manufactured Parts products.

For more information, please contact out field sales team or reach us at +966 56 930 0552 to connect to our Parts Sales Support Representative.

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