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JIPCO has five decades of experience as an official general distributor for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles and Genuine Spare Parts from Mercedes-Benz. 

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts comes with peace of mind and value for money, so your Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle can run with increased uptime which equals more trips and more revenue for our partners.

To prove our excellence, Mercedes-Benz continually conducts product tests and has compiled user experience over decades.

Following market case studies will show you the

unique selling proposition (USP) of genuine parts

and what business value and Total Cost Ownership improvements are offered to you. You can trust that our Mercedes-Benz engineers developed our genuine parts to best match the interplay of all components required in a Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle ecosystem.

Story 1: Mercedes-Benz Chassis

One major component of a truck is its frame. The Mercedes-Benz chassis and related components are designed for the extreme climate conditions of Saudi Arabia, to guarantee a long life cycle.


Mercedes-Benz genuine air springs are produced exclusively from synthetic rubber, which makes them extremely durable even in challenging operating environments like Saudi Arabia.

In comparative tests, they stood out with a service life up to 17 times longer than competitors.

Mercedes-Benz genuine air springs service life spans are


Times Longer Than Competitors


Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz genuine air spring bellows offer above-average durability with over 10 million load cycles – one load cycle is one full decompression and compression – compared to less than 5 million load cycles in non-genuine air spring bellows.

Genuine Air Spring Bellows: 10 Million Load Cycles
Non Genuine: 5 Million Load Cycles

Story 2: Mercedes-Benz – Air & Oil Filters


The operating life of an air filter is determined by the quantity of dust and dirt it can filter. Mercedes-Benz genuine air filters provide maximum dust capacity – for an up to 25% longer operating life compared to non-genuine air filters. This means that you would have already replaced non-genuine air filters 3 times before replacing the genuine air filter for the first time.

Genuine Air Filter Operating Life 100%
Non Genuine Air Filter Operating Life 75%


In case of fire, every second counts to safeguard lives, material, & load. Each & every component should have maximized fire resistance properties. 

A good example of this are our genuine air filters. In a flame-retardant test, the Mercedes-Benz genuine air filters survived a 15 second flame test whereas replica air filters burn after just 9 seconds.

What does that mean to you? – In principle, any additional time window gives your driver the chance to take rational decisions & actions to safeguard lives, your truck, and the load of your clients. Those 6 additional seconds make a difference.


Fire Resistance Time



Fire Resistance Time



What counts in a truck is the engine performance, measured in torque or pulling capacity. Utilizing genuine parts enables you to safeguard your engine performance and to sustain maximum torque or pulling capacity along the entire life cycle of your vehicle. That’s key.

One of our key genuine parts, which helps you to successfully safeguard engine performance, is our Mercedes-Benz genuine oil filter. Over the course of normal wear & tear, particles emitted by the engine will contaminate the oil flow (in addition to other substances, from faulty air intake for instance). 

If you do not use a high-quality, genuine oil filter, those particles will stay within the oil flow and can cause abnormal abrasion.

Get the right hero on-board – our genuine oil filter!

Benefits of using genuine oil filters

Engine torque goes up

Increased pistons & liners service life

Higher pulling capacity

Lower fuel consumption

Fewer service workshop stops

Story 3: Mercedes-Benz Brake

One major component of a truck is its frame. The Mercedes-Benz chassis and related components are designed for the extreme climate conditions of Saudi Arabia, to guarantee a long life cycle.


How long is the stopping distance for a semi-trailer combination at a speed of 105 km/h? Do you remember?

Depending on the load, up to 160 meters.

Road Safety matters! Especially in hazard situations when a driver has to stop the truck in the shortest possible stopping distance. 

One meter, even a few centimeters, do make a difference. One thing is for sure: Stay stress-free by always relying on Mercedes-Benz genuine brake discs and brake pads as well as brake linings.

Mercedes-Benz Genuine brake discs/drums are specifically designed to match the load of operation in any given situation. They are also configured to work with the safety features on your vehicles such as ABS. All this results in minimized stopping distances, lower maintenance costs, longer service intervals, and better Total Cost of Ownership.

To prove this, Mercedes-Benz applies regular brake cracking and durability tests.


Your truck’s brakes are subjected to extreme loads in day-to-day operations. Especially in hazard situations and emergency brakes. That’s why Mercedes-Benz genuine brakes use a special lining hold-down system so that your truck will brake safely and reliably.

Product tests revealed that Mercedes-Benz genuine brake linings withstand 1.2 million km in long distance operations or 600,000 km in construction operations or for a 10-year operating period with no damage to the hold-down system, while the non-genuine brake lining failed at an early stage, with fractured springs or clamps.

During the brake test, the braking effect of the non-genuine brake pads significantly decreased at high loads & the brake lining wear is also extremely high.  The non-genuine parts tested represent a major safety risk, due to the significantly longer braking distances.

Our recommendation – Use genuine parts at least for all road safety-related components, as every meter counts when it comes to safeguarding lives and equipment.

Long Distance Operations

million km

Construction Operations

thousand km

Story 4: Mercedes-Benz – Engine

USP 4.1 - Mercedes-Benz Engine

Torque is key. The engine is the core component in a commercial vehicle. At Mercedes-Benz, engines & engine related parts have been perfected over decades to bring our Diesel engines and engine performance to perfection. 

Our dedication to excellence has earned Mercedes-Benz loyal customers, not only in Saudi Arabia. Mercedes-Benz engine parts benefit its customers with the lowest fuel consumption at the highest torque performance, a longer engine life, and extended maintenance intervals. 

Mercedes-Benz engine parts help deliver spontaneous response, impressive power output, and the smoothest possible running characteristics – all to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership when operating any Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle.

Story 5: Mercedes-Benz Cooling Components


Even a small detail has got an impact on your Total Cost of Ownership. With Mercedes-Benz genuine electric fans, our clients appreciate the reduction in vehicle down time and long life cycle of the cooling system.

Mercedes-Benz genuine electric fans come with a cost-effective lifespan of 20,000 hours compared to less than 10,000 hours for non-genuine electric fans.

What does this mean to you? – Let’s say your truck travels 140,000 km per annum and the average speed is 50 km per hour.

That means your truck – idle time not considered – is in operation for 2,800 hours per year. If you consider an additional idle time of 20%, the engine was “on” for 3,360 hours.

So you enjoy 6 worry-free years with a genuine part, compared to only 3 years with a non-genuine item.

The real cost of using non-genuine parts is the additional downtime when your truck is at a service workshop replacing the non-genuine fan.


 Average Lifetime



 Average Lifetime


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