Mercedes Benz Brakes Case Study

In general, non-genuine brake discs cover only up to 25% mileage compared to Mercedes-Benz Genuine brake discs.  This means that you need 4 non-genuine brake disc sets instead of 1 set Mercedes-Benz Genuine brake discs.

Cost of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine brake disc is approximately 1075 SAR compared to a non-Genuine brake discs which is 325 SAR.  In terms of Total cost of ownership, you end up spending 325*4 = 1300 SAR compared to the 1075 SAR spent on one-time purchase of Mercedes-Benz Genuine brake disc.

With non-genuine brake discs, you also need to add:

Life time in quality

Genuine Brake disc is equal to
Non-Genuine Brake discs

Saving on the long run

For 1 Genuine
Brake Disc


For 4 Non-Genuine
Brake discs

Mercedes Benz Engine Case Study

In general, a non-genuine injection pump for a Mercedes-Benz Truck will cost 4400 SAR /- compared to 9050 SAR price for genuine Mercedes-Benz injection pump.

How more often I have to change the non-genuine injection pump vs the genuine pump?

When you use a non-genuine Injection pump you are risking your truck in more than one way:

Is it worth to supposedly save 5000 SR to lose torque and pulling capacity, adding the damage risk to your engine and potentially cause unnecessary major repairs with embedded down time of your commercial vehicle? Better you enjoy the engine performance to the fullest and save fuel and do also good on protecting our precious environment with lower exhaust gas pollution.

Non-genuine Parts
Shorter lifespan


Genuine Parts
Longer lifespan


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