Mercedes-Benz Service
Service You Can Trust
Mercedes-Benz Service
Service You Can Trust
Mercedes-Benz Service
Service You Can Trust

At JIPCO, We always make sure that our service is just as state-of-the-art as our vehicles. Our local technical staff offers you full on-site support. To ensure that solutions are found quickly and errors can be diagnosed and eliminated immediately, all members of our staff have excellent technical know-how and access to our qualified vehicle data and communications systems.

What will I get with Mercedes-Benz service?

  • We are the experts: Mercedes-Benz works exclusively with highly qualified service employees. Only our highly trained staff can ensure you receive Mercedes-Benz authorized service.
  • We are always available: We will always be there for you, anytime and anywhere in the Kingdom. We are flexible and schedule your services to best suit your fleet operations requirements.
  • Transparent pricing: After every service, our customers receive a detailed invoice giving a clear overview of what service you are paying for. For even more peace of mind, consider a service contract for peace of mind.
  • Vehicle health check: Drop off your vehicle or receive a visit from Mercedes-Benz experts. We’ll carry out a health check to diagnose and prevent any problems or  downtime your vehicles may encounter. And with every service, we carry out a final check to make sure that your vehicle is fit for the roads again.  (for more details)
  • Free services: If Mercedes-Benz updated your vehicle’s technical standards, you’ll be informed and we will implement the required changes free of charge.
  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts: Only genuine Mercedes-Benz parts meet the highest quality standards in terms of safety and durability at competitive prices. (for more on Genuine Parts)
  • Mercedes-Benz Recommended Oils: Only the recommended grade and type of oil will be used for your vehicle to ensure that our world-class standards for fuel economy and length of service intervals are maintained. Using the wrong oil can reduce service intervals by up to 50% and cause damage to your commercial vehicle.
  • Up-to-date Mercedes-Benz service record: Our services are outstanding and transparent. Each customer is informed in detail about the service received and why it is necessary. Maintaining your Mercedes-Benz service record in a digital service booklet (DSB) improves your vehicle’s value when you re-sell it.

Anywhere you go, you will find us

Our mobile workshop can reach your vehicle anywhere, at any hour, and we will fix it for you.

Flexible service solution to match your fleet requirements: "Good for the fleet, even better for business"

  • Flexible and customized service product.

  • Allows the customer to select from the range of contractually covered services.

  • Covers the selected range of services over a defined period of time or mileage.

  • Fixed price based on Cost Per Kilometer(CPK) fee, individually determined for each customer according to fleet operational parameters indicated by the customer.

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