Service Contracts
Ensure the future of your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts
Service Contracts
Ensure the future of your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts
Service Contracts
Ensure the future of your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts

Get to know our different service contracts, designed individually to give you the best solution to maintain your vehicle in top condition.

  • Increased vehicle resale value:

    Service history and complete maintenance are guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz for the next owner.
    Included services were performed by properly trained Mercedes-Benz technicians.
    Only Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are used.

  • Protection against unexpected repair costs

    Maximum peace of mind thanks to full cost control – no repair bills for the repairs covered by the post-warranty cost protection or for wear & tear parts replacement, for the entire duration of the contract.

  • Transparency

    Best Maintenance gives you the opportunity to know exactly how much the maintenance of your vehicle will cost over the coming years.

  • Fixed costs

    You don’t have to worry about the impact of inflation on your maintenance costs since you have fixed what you pay in advance.

  • Increased reliability

    Lower downtime due to optimized servicing intervals and fewer breakdowns.

  • Better performance

    The truck is maintained at the highest standards so that it delivers the best performance.

Best Maintenance

Best Maintenance includes all scheduled maintenance work for your vehicle as specified by Mercedes-Benz.

It covers your routine service operations like engine oil and filter changes, air filter replacement, gearbox oil changes, and so on.

Select Plus+​

The Select Plus service solution includes post-warranty cost protection for your vehicles and all the scheduled maintenance work as specified by the manufacturer.

Purchasing these services as a bundle is less expensive than purchasing them individually, which means more repair services at a lower cost.


The Complete Service Solution combines scheduled maintenance, wear & tear components, and a post-warranty cost protection.

This attractive package gives you the maximum level of cost control through a fixed monthly rate.

Service Contracts

Service Contract Offers

Complete Maintenance

Now you can buy peace-of-mind for your used Actros (4X2) Tractor heads, with the "Complete" maintenance package, which serves as both a service package and an extended warranty for 2 years (or 300,000 Km)from the day you buy the package.


  • This offer is applicable on all used Tractor Heads between 3 to 7 years old, with a mileage up to 700,000 K.
  • This campaign is valid until 31st of December 2021.
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Service Contracts for Actros 6X4 3340/41 S.

Benefit now from our Special Service Contracts for your 3-7 year old Actros 6X4 3340S & 3341S Trucks, (with maximum of 500,000 Km) and benefit from having smoother business operations. you do not have to be concerned with with the cost of service, as our service contract will cover:

  • all the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Spare Parts' costs. 
  • Recommended fluids
  • labor work
  • preventative maintenance
  • Wear & Tear replacement
  • any necessary post warranty repairs

This offer is valid till end of December 2021.

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