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The MCV 400

A Worthy Journey
Offering an unparallel combination of luxury, comfort and cost effectiveness, the MCV 400 coach makes an excellent investment. This bus is a highly versatile vehicle that answers the needs of modern urban travelers, providing them with a travel experience that they can truly appreciate.

Ideal for intercity short and middle-range journeys, the MCV 400 is built to endure the high demands of inter-city transportation while providing unrivaled levels of luxury and comfort to passengers. Boasting an exceptionally high deck, this bus is also remarkably stable and smooth. With sophisticated air suspension systems, it is easy to see why the MCV 400 is preferred by the international tourism industry, and tour operators.

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Keys of comfort

The MCV 400 provides passengers with a wide range of features that make their ride truly enjoyable. The fully accessorized, side moving reclining seats offer comfort within 3 seating layouts, and the fine trimming and ample parcel racks offer the passengers a hassle-free experience all through their journey.

A pleasant ride

Travelers appreciate comfort and luxury. The vehicle’s highly efficient air-conditioning system maintains the internal temperature no matter how humid or sunny is the weather. Additionally, the built-in refrigerator, radio, DVD, LCD monitors, and integrated sound system provide optimum comfort and hospitality to everyone on board.

Sleekly efficient

MCV 400 is easily distinguishable with its unique panoramic windscreen and shimmering exterior. The bus also boasts a one-piece side glass and passenger plug doors that provide efficiency, safety, and a well-controlled internal environment. Moreover, a WC and a kitchenette can easily be fitted into the bus, allowing passengers to experience the joys of relaxing journey.

Its 6-cylinder engine offers 256 horsepower that merges between fuel economy and smooth, highly comfortable road movements. Additionally, its semi-integral chassis build avails an exceptionally large luggage compartment tat is unrivaled in its segment.

Offering an unparallel combination of luxury, comfort and cost effectiveness, the MCV 400 coach makes an excellent investment.

Key Figures

Engine Type: MB OM 906 LA III

Max Engine Power: 260 hp @2000 rpm

Suspension: Air Suspension (front & rear)

Engine displacment: 6374 cm3

Passenger capacity: 47+ 1+1  (without restroom)

Luggage compartment: 7 m3

Length: 11.9 m

A/C: Capcity 33000 Kcal/hr

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