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Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV)

MCV Model Overview

MCV 260
MCV 260L
MCV 400
MCV 500
MCV 600

Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV)

There are chassis. And there are Mercedes ‑ Benz chassis. In today’s tough competition, the Star makes the difference. It gives you a decisive edge – and the good feeling of having made the best choice for your company.

Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV) proudly shares a rich professional history of the commercial vehicle’s development in the industrial market. MCV became one of the major players affecting the commercial vehicle sector with our latest superior products.

MCV has used the latest technologies, combined with a highly qualified workforce to improve the market for commercial vehicle manufacturing with a grand mission of enhancing the organization’s ability to provide best quality components to its products adequately. MCV established a fleet of sister companies to orchestrate all industrial needs.

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