Access to quality service, and the availability of parts, determines how well and how long your fleet performs. Through our wide network of service centers, JUFFALI well-trained technicians are ready to address all your fleet service needs. By guaranteeing FUSO Genuine Parts and properly implementing essential maintenance, JUFFALI after sales team can keep your vehicles running smoothly to minimize the impact of downtime on your business.


Quality Service & Support

Reliable consultation and the quality of the service network determine how well and how long your truck performs. Trust our trained technicians to ensure high quality.


Top-Class Technology

Mitsubishi Fuso continues to develop innovate new technology for your driving comfort. Our knowledgeable technicians ensure the technology stays up to date


Maintenance Overview

Please be sure to conduct below inspection and maintenance including Legal inspection items and Manufacturer designated items, based on the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet equipped in your vehicle, for lasting safety and comfort with your vehicle.

1. Daily inspection (pre-operational)
2. New Vehicle inspection (1,000km, 5,000km)
3. Periodical inspection Legal inspection (Regulated by local law, if applicable) Manufacturer designated inspection (Designated by MFTBC)
4. Periodical replacement parts

How and when to inspect/service your vehicle for daily inspections (pre-operational) and oil/lubricants are written in the Owner’s Handbook summarised as inspection procedure.

When the workshop is to conduct the maintenance, please consult one of JUFFALI workshops, present the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet for the workshop to record the maintenance condition.

This record must be filled and certified by the JUFFALI workshop. In the case any other documents/records than “Periodical Inspection Record” are to be used, please keep them always together with the Owner’s Handbook and/or Service Booklet.

Extended cover - Peace of mind in challenging times

The current global situation has resulted in extremely trying times for businesses and individuals alike. In moments like these, all of us welcome assistance to help meet these challenges.

While the difficulties faced are unique to each of us, the value of ‘peace of mind’ is common to all of us. We are there for those who keep the world moving in these trying times. In this spirit, our team at Juffali Industrial Products Company (JIPCO) is pleased to offer an additional two months coverage for FUSO products with expiring warranties.


What does this mean?

Any Mitsubishi FUSO Trucks or Bus with a warranty expiring between 15_March_2020 to 15_May_2020, is now valid for an additional two months of warranty coverage. However if the Vehicles have already completed the Warranty kilometres this extension will not be applicable.

We see your ongoing efforts making day-to-day life possible for countless thousands and we thank you. Your energy in tackling the increased demands on transport, supply, delivery and emergency support, is paramount to communities and the vital services that safeguard our well-being.


1. Engine oil
2. Oil filter element
3. Fuel filter element
4. Air cleaner element
5. Fuel feed pump gauze filter
6. Inlet / Exhaust manifold – Bolts & Nuts
7. Valve clearance
8. Draining water from the water separator
9. Fan belt & Air conditioner belt tension
10. Coolant
11. Radiator – Mountings, Hoses upper & lower, Pressure cap
12. Fuel system, Fuel tank, Fuel hoses – Check for leak and rectify if any
13. Engine condition – Check the engine for smooth starting and running
14. Fuel tank mountings and straps

Drive Line

 1. Clutch fluid
2. Clutch system operation
3. Transmission gear oil
4. Differential gear oil
5. Greasing – Front and Rear wheel hub bearing
6. Transmission mountings bolts, Gearshift control linkages
7. Propeller shaft, Propeller shaft flange yoke, Propeller centre bearing
8. Suspension Front & Rear – Leaf spring bushes, Shock-absorbers
9. Wheel disc, Tire & Tire inflation pressure


1. Brake fluid
2. Service brake shoe clearance
3. Service brake lining and drums
4. Parking – check and adjust
5. Brake hoses & tubes

Electrical System

1. Horn operation
2. Battery electrolyte level and terminals
3. Functioning of lighting system, Switches & Buzzer
4. Instrumental Panel – Guage, warning lamps and indicators
5. Windshield wiper and washer operation
6. Air conditioner system operation
7. Wiring harness / connectors

Other Chassis Parts

1. Operator pedals
2. Power steering system
3. Power steering fluid and Filter element
4. Steering shaft, Draglink, Tie rod
5. Exhaust pipe and muffler
6. Door Hinges, Door lock and Window regulator functioning
7. Cabin lock and Mountings
8. Chassis grease nipples
9. Check the underneath of the vehicle for any leakage – coolant, fuel and oil
10. Chassis Underneath fasteners should be checked & retightened, if loose

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