Privacy Policy

​Policy for Personal Information Protection

JUFFALI Industrial Products Company “JIPCO” (hereinafter referred as the Company) may request its customers for their personal information through business activities. The Company recognises the importance of personal information protection, and herein discloses its policy for protection of customers’ personal information.

A.The Company will not use its customers’ personal information other than for the purposes listed below.

1. Announcement of new products, periodic check, vehicle inspection, service, etc. 2. Announcement of estimate of the Company-selling new and used vehicles, parts, vehicle inspection, etc. 3. Announcement of various applications/enrollment and implementation of contract procedure. 4. Announcement of items regarding purchase of product and after-sales services, and implementation of procedures. 5. Responses and answers to customers’ submission/inquiry. 6. Announcement of various events/campaign, and shipping of products, etc. 7. Research on product development and customer satisfaction. 8. Credit examination and administration. 9. Safety measure for the Company-made vehicles; early repair activity of vehicles subject to recall, improvement measure and service campaign. 10.  Creation of statistical information to be utilized for improvement of services by the Company, and dealers and subsidiaries/affiliates. 11. Creation of statistical information to be utilized for development of new products by the Company, and dealers and subsidiaries/affiliates. 12. For the usage purposes that the Company has expressed, notified of announced to the customers separately. 13. Provision of personal information listed below to the Company’s exclusive dealers and subsidiaries/affiliates in writing or by electronic media. However, the provision will be cancelled by request of the customers. (Items to be provided) Full name, date of birth, contact information such as address and phone number, and information regarding customers’ request/inquiry/trade. 14. In case provision of the information is permitted by law. The usage purposes listed above may change within reasonable range that there is adequate relativity. In case the usage purposes are changed, the Company will, in principle, inform the customers in writing or post it on the website (






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