Be a Part of our Family, Part of our Success.
Be a Part of our Family, Part of our Success.

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wdt_ID Job Title Department Job Tybe Job Details
14 Digital Customer Support Corporate Communications Full Time
15 Graphic designer & Videographer Corporate Communications Full Time
17 Sales Representative New Vehicle Sales Full Time
19 Tele Sales New Vehicle Sales Full Time
20 Sales Representative Parts Sales Full Time
21 Technician Service Full Time
22 Time Keeper Service Full Time
23 Service Advisor Service Full Time
24 Final Quality Control Quality Control Full Time
25 Warranty Officer Service Full Time
Job Title Department Job Tybe

JIPCO Internship Program

Bridge the gap between lessons and life.

Our internship program gives you the best of both: relevant experience and real exposure to a range of roles. With our mentoring on offer, this is your chance to shape your future in the industry.



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A family-owned company, with over 7,000 employees, the Juffali Corporation offers excellent career prospects for the discerning professional. The diversity of its operations, as well as its continual growth, provides the ideal environment for stimulating, challenging, and rewarding professional development.

The opportunities for personal growth within the Group are enormous and the comfortable working conditions, as well as excellent benefit packages, combine to make it one of the leading employers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Juffali believes in the quality of its people. We strive to have the best working environment and the best-skilled staff. Behind Juffali’s success is a team of highly experienced and talented individuals. If you want to become involved in a team-oriented workplace to realize your ambitions, Juffali is the right place for you.

JIPCO Core Values


    We treat everyone with genuine care and concern.


    Intelligence means we're able to learn, grow, and adapt.


    We are constantly exceptional in our work and continually improve.


    We keep our commitments, tell the complete truth, and act with integrity.


    We understand the responsibilities of teamwork and are determined to pull our own weight.

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