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Starting from SAR 960,000 up to SAR 1,000,000

The coach is one of the world’s safest modes of transport, thanks in no small part to Mercedes-Benz innovations. See the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz integral safety concept for yourself, simply by taking a look at the Tourismo.

The Tourismo is a real asset to your business. Available in three lengths with 3-star seating for 49 to 57 passengers, the range offers you plenty of flexibility with regard to your choice of vehicle – so you can be sure of finding the ideal touring coach to meet your specific needs.

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Safety from A to Z.

With its comprehensive safety technology, the Tourismo is among the safest touring coaches in its class, helped by its standard-fit electronic guardian angels. For instance, ESP® comes as standard to master critical driving situations. In the event of emergency braking, Brake Assist (BA) aids your driver. And meanwhile the Continuous Braking Limiter (DBL) prevents the driver from exceeding the legal speed limit.

Everybody likes to travel in the Tourismo. With comprehensive comfort features and new equipment details, this coach meets the needs and wishes of your passengers in a variety of respects. Anybody boarding the Tourismo immediately feels comfortable. The exceptionally spacious and friendly design of the interior on its own encourages passengers to feel at ease.

Your star performer.

Thanks to its different variants, the Tourismo offers you everything you need to be successful in the travel and daytrip business. It is available in three different lengths with 51 to 59 seats, depending on your individual needs. Regardless of which you choose — the Tourismo is a true Mercedes Benz. You will profit from its superior quality and first-class workmanship for the entire service life of your vehicle.

A feast for the eyes.

No matter where you are travelling with the Tourismo – this coach is always a pleasure to see. Its attractive, functional design makes it an appealing advertisement for your tour company. With double-slotted panels, the Star in the centre and smiling headlight eyes, the front makes a particularly friendly impression. Even a fleeting glance identifies the Tourismo as a real Mercedes Benz.The features of its distinctive face clearly express the origins of the latest generation of touring coaches bearing the Star.

You can also count on the Tourismo’s high standard of quality, founded on reliable components, highly sophisticated production techniques and strict quality controls.


The Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)

The Electronic Stability Program ESP® is an active system which improves handling safety and stability. It contributes significantly to reducing the risk of skidding when negotiating turns or making evasive manoeuvres. It does this in critical handling situations through targeted braking interventions at each individual wheel, for instance if the bus is moving at critical limits in a curve. At the same time the engine output is reduced, with the effect that precisely regulated braking interventions prevent the bus from skidding, as far as this is physically possible.

Continuous braking limiter (DBL)

The continuous braking limiter (DBL) is a safety system which makes it impossible to improperly disengage the drive system by stepping on the clutch, for example when driving downhill. The continuous braking limiter constantly monitors the legal speed limit of the vehicle. If the vehicle exceeds this limit, such as when driving downhill, the continuous braking limiter communicates with the other safety systems. First the fuel injection to the engine is interrupted, and if further action is required, the retarder, the wear-free auxiliary brake, is activated. This improves safety on sections of road with steep downhill gradients and makes it impossible to accidentally exceed the speed limit in cases when this could otherwise rapidly occur.


It offers your passengers a high level of comfort for mile after mile. Moreover, the new, ergonomically optimised cockpit is designed with the needs of your drivers and tour guides firmly in mind. Put simply, everyone will enjoy the ride in the Tourismo.

Driver's Area

All switches and controls are ergonomically arranged and easy to reach. The coloured, easily legible display provides all important at a glance and supports the driver if desired with further details such as tour data or fuel consumption. This means that he can control everything with ease and dedicate his complete concentration to the traffic. As you can see, with the Tourismo, you’re driving on the safe side. 


Strict quality controls.

You can also count on the Tourismo’s high standard of quality, founded on reliable components, highly sophisticated production techniques and strict quality controls. By way of example, the bodyshell of the Tourismo undergoes a cathodic dip painting process to ensure outstandingly effective protection against corrosion. In addition, hallmark Mercedes quality makes for outstanding availability and longevity. Plus the Tourismo is designed to be extremely easy to maintain and repair in order to minimise downtime.

With the Tourismo, every side is a strong side. Typically Mercedes-Benz.

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