Product Range

Provides first-rate quality in product and service which applies in equal degrees to the Actros and Atego truck lines as well as to the special purpose vehicles such as the Unimog, the universl working machine and the new off-road truck for difficult terrains, the Mercdes-Benz Zetros, which rounds off this range.


Business Class range is designed for superior execution and competence, granting you the support you need to boost your business productivity. Freightliner is highly qualified to multitask and handle the various requirements of your business.  For pickups, deliveries, utility, towing, and varying usages from rubbish gathering to liquid refreshment distribution, the M2 106 offers exceptional flexibility, efficiency and maneuverability.


Western Star

Western Star Trucks are best known for their toughness and unique styling that goes hand in hand wit comfort, functionality and durability. This, despite always being associated with vigor and an ability to take anything on. Thanks to their amazing build and diligent quality monitoring, Western Star trucks are designed to meet all customers’ specifications and expectations. Wherever your work will put you; either on an off-road task or an on-highway mission, your Western Star truck will be there for you.